42 Creative Things To Do When Bored

Did you have heard that boredom sparks creativity? Alleviating the ennui is not always about having fun or going for a party. What if we make your boredom a meaningful experience – one that propels you to states of deeper thoughtfulness or creativity?

There are plenty of creative things to do when bored. And if you are interested in knowing what can be those riveting yet creative things to do when you are bored as f**k, we have got you covered.

Boredom is a great chance to hone your skills, work on yourself, or your pending projects or let’s just say it is the best opportunity to be creative. It gives you time to be with yourself and comes up with new ideas.

There is also, always a point on your life when you feel extremely creative, and your hands start to shiver just to hold a pen and start doodling or just leave it for yourself and start writing. Painting and craft are always there to help you with a few new business ideas. But even though you want to make or design something but don’t have any idea what to do exactly or where to start with.

Here are a few of the ideas to initiate with and push yourself into a pool of creativity. Designs, doodles, cooking, crafty origami, or DIY solutions we have listed it all, choose your way out, and get yourself going into another dimension, without any drugs and purely through your soul.

#1 Pottery


Creative things to do when bored

Whilst I am saying pottery, it is not at all just baking pots in a big furnace. It involves coloring, shaping, adding a few more elements or just decorate a previously existing cups, structure, and pots. There are whole lots of options.

#2 Make your slime

Grab a few home materials and make your own slime. Color it by your choice, make it glossy or glittery. It’s all up to you. Making it is fun but playing with the slime is the real part where you can even prank on someone who’s scared of gross fluids.

#3 Science hacks

Visit a few science-related sites or go through your high school science projects. Take a few ideas and learn science hacks while you still have fun. Make yourself a volcano.

#4 Scrapbook

Collect things that you go through either on the streets or from a garden. Pick that unique looking feather, click photos, or cut the poems from a newspaper. Gather all these in your own scrapbook.

#5 Gory makeup

Learn and be ready for Halloween. Few tricks and available home material can make you look the ugliest creature from the lagoon, that being said in a good way, as we are talking about Halloween here.

#6 Paint

Creative DIY Project Ideas

If you are not sure what to paint but already have dropped the colors in your pallet, I would prefer to suggest you paint your imagination plus your dream which is so surreal, that not even a cyberpunk movie could catch you through. All of the movies you have been watching will feel some of the actual events.

#7 Decorate

You have your whole house, if not the public walls for graffiti. Grab a few items that are just bought but never have been in use, clear the dust from those artifacts. See if there is a need to bring life to your walls, try new wallpapers or put on a few candles around the corner. You can even use LEDs or neon lights to decorate your home and give it a total change either for parties like atmosphere or just calming date.

#8 Shop

You are an artifact, and you are your own way of letting yourself beautify more. Go shopping put on new and trendy styles. Go retro or be simple and look fresh, Go online or visit a mall.

#9 Hairstyle

Long enough or not try new hairstyles. Use gel, use oil try some of the new colors. If you have long hairs, try on different kinds of buns, curls, or long side fringes.

#10 Photography

Try on photography, new styles, and unique views on new shorts. Try bokeh, try macro, or buy yourself a few new lenses and go for wildlife photography. You can even try on abstract or candid photography to hit the streets to bring on the daily routine of people to life.

#11 Write

Write something when you are bored

Write a few poems, go on with your own story, try a biography, research writing about the incident that changed the world, or just write your dreams and ideas.

#12 Make up

Grab your make up kit and help yourself with the beauty tips. Ty those learned tricks or learn new ones from the internet. Learn to make your eyelashes, try new shades of lipstick use gloss or matte colors. Try on a few of the contact lenses on the internet.

#13 Cook

Bring out the recipe book with which you rocked in your old days. Try again the recipes that had you think, that you could compete with some of the best chefs. Learn a few tips from the internet or make the dish that you were waiting to taste your buds with.

#14 DIY 

Learn DIY hacks try with those blankets or bathroom cleaner. Make your own solution to some of the simplest yet horrific problems. Make gifts for your loved ones, try on those wrapping techniques to make your products attractive.

#15 Skincare Remedies

Pick a few remedies on your skin problems that you need to take care of. Learn to dissolve those ugly pimples in a day or work on those dark circles. Work on your split ends cut them off or just take few minutes of steam on your face. But do remember to take lessons and ideas from someone experienced.

#16 Fix things

Look out for fixable things

Look out for fixable things or which needs a makeover or those which are almost perfect for disposing of. See if they can be brought back to life by few efforts. Get done with them, try new styles with just what’s left.

#17 Gym

Try your strength, visit the internet, and try out those hefty exercises for your body. Let yourself sweat and limit your own self. See at which point you get tired enough to get a long nap. These all exercises surely makes you unable to move in your sleep, but they make you fresh as you have never been before.

#18 Easter eggs

Watch your favorite movies, which are full of hidden messages or references. See how many can you search, look out on the internet if you have got all them or which have left and couldn’t catch.

#19 Start with a garden

Bring in a few saplings; take out the seeds of your used fruits and vegetables to start with your own backyard. Take care of them, put them sunlight, water them, nurture them. Remember a plant is not less than a kid. Plants are even known to grow healthier if they are exposed to music.

#20 Fishtank

Either build your own pond put some fishes and plants in it install a structure in it or just decorate a fish tank with some new theme. Do the superhero theme if you are already too bored with the pirate’s theme.

#21 Graffiti

create some painting on walls

Hit the alleys, the walls are not yours, but your paints are. Do those swirly old designs that have been attracting everyone for ages. Bring out art self and challenge what has been restricting your skills.

#22 Lego

It isn’t just for kids. Create your own ideas be it a world trade center or be it the spaceship of your dreams. Get the help of those blocks, and vibrant colors get a new wonderland in your house.

#23 Start with your own movie scene board

Remember Steven Spielberg had his early days imagining sets and shooting action scenes on a board in his room with the help of action figures. Make one of such a set of your own, shoot a nice scene not necessary it should be action let it be a music video of a band playing their usual instruments.

#24 Doddle

Start with a cat’s face. Doddle new designs for car flames or monster. Take a few tips from the Hotwheels toy car sets. Make up new logos for horror movies or action movies or a usual 24/7 store.

#25 Rearrange your bracelets

Women are the collectors of stylish bracelets. Some of which are even able to disassemble try out with exchanging them. Make a few Maori designs or just new red Indian material.

#26 Read a magazine

Read magazine

Magazines are full of ideas and gossip. There are even ones who educate on a whole new level. Reach out to some and help yourself tackling boredom.

#27 Needle artwork

Some of the latest attractions, trends, and unique forms of art. Craft new material out of ordinary available things. Search for more ideas.

#28 Picture frame

Make a picture frame out of toilet paper roll. There are many ways to recycle home materials. Makeup designs of flowers, birds, or anything soothing.

#29 Lampshade

If you are done using those use and throw, creatively shaped cups. It is time to bring them to life in their afterlife. Make a hole in them at the bottom and fit your LED strip.

#30 Decorate your bottle

Just as you do in pottery grab few colors and paint your glass or plain plastic bottles. Use decorative and colored tape on them in putting them one beneath one. Stick a few beads or American diamonds from your collection. Use them as a flower pot or just an ordinary water bottle to carry around.

#31 Start a collection

collect your favorite items

You might be having an attraction to some things which are available in nature for free. Or anything you were waiting to collect. Start with a few of them search for the available types.

#32 Work on your cubicle

It is not necessary to be bored at home; there are times where you can be drilled at your office as well. Use your free time to decorate your cubicle or just clean the mess around, arrange the file and scraps.

#33 Work on your footwork

Grab your pair of shoes that has lost its color. Try to decorate them or set them aside to either donate them or to dye them. The girls usually have a huge collection of footwear, add a few decorative things to the dull-looking sandals if you feel like they can be improvised in looks.

#34 Homemade soap

Be something extraordinary, melt the soap add few drops of essential oil, try with those rose petals and make your own soap. Shape it in your way; you can even add your desired smell or scent.

#35 Design clothes

Are you bored with them a pale looking t-shirt that you are planning to throw away but just because of it damaged colors, but it is still in good condition and can be used a few more times? Try to give them a makeover. Cut few strips off or add designs to it. Make it backless or a crop top.

#36 Bath bomb

Create your own funny sponge bob shape

Create your own escape, make it in funny sponge bob shape or just a skull. Add glitter and required soaps, try different colors, scents, and oils.

#37 Shoebox organizer

Everyone faces a problem of messy wires that are spread around all over your room, which could cause an electric short circuit as they intertwine into each other. Make a cord organizer from shoe boxes and systematically organize the cords.

#38 Do the towel art

There are many types of art present one of which is towel art. You can make animals out of it just do origami. Add poppy eyes to your created animals, use different colors and shades of a towel.

#39 Balloon origami

It is tough, but it is not impossible. Balloon origami is the best way to attract people through your art as it is popular and the balloons make it shiny and glossy especially when you are using vibrant colors. Learn how to design through it, use different shapes and sizes and colors.

#40 Wikipedia

Spend your free time for something that’s going to help you in the future, doesn’t actually matter if it’s for educational purposes or just for knowledge, you need to have general knowledge. Search for history, celebrities, science, life-changing events, and many things related. Once you start exploring, you can’t stop at one point at all.

#41 Flower art

Pull out your favorite flowers

Pull out your favorite flowers of which you like the shape and design; as in the arrangement of a petal. Be it rose or any other flower. Dip them in the paint of your choice, paste them on anything you want to decorate. You can design cards, go for clothes you can even design and decorate your walls.

#42 Decorate eggs

Paste few shapes or just petals and leaves on an egg, wrap it in a piece of cloth boil them in colored water that too using natural elements such as flowers or natural dye for coloration process.


Your boredom can be used to bring out the best in you and to make the most of your time. Use it wisely and be the one that has many hidden talents, besides working and listing to your boss’s orders.

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