Best Fun Games To Play Inside

Best Fun Games To Play Inside

Situations may differ, but a mood to play or entertain yourself still remains the same. You could be too tired even to get the remote from the couch right next to you or even think of the next minute and yet you would like to play few games.

There are times where it could raining heavily outside, or the sun might be right on top of your house with a temperature that could burn you down in no time. Such times could get you irritated to a point where you have no choice but to get more annoyed.

Well, actually if that is the situation, why don’t you go and try some in-house games. Starting from typical games to some of the best indoor party games the list that I have made has got a collection of it all, try it, and make things work your way.

#1 Monopoly


Monopoly is a business board game, brought up by Hasbro. The players have to roll two dice having six sides, to move around in the game in steps.

The game actually makes you buy or sell or trade the properties. A player has to collect rent from their opponents and make them bankrupt.

The game was published in 1935 by parker brothers, Waddington, and winning moves along with Hasbro. Monopoly has random chances to win the game by dice moves or card drawing luck.

#2 Cootie

Well, this game is underage but could be even played by the adults.

The player has to make a bug in parts depending on the moves of the dice. Where the number 1 represents a body, 2 the head, on 3 its antennae or hat or a bow, 4 is for the eyes, on 5 you gotta draw tongue, teeth or lips.

#3 UNO

This game is known to destroy friendships in no time at all. The debates that are done while playing this game are endless and could even confuse a whole group.

This is a card game, but don’t judge it as an ordinary card game. The name UNO is from the Italian and Spanish linguistics, meaning one. It was developed by Merle Robbins and is published by Mattel. The game is even available in different themes and sizes.

It is available in avengers theme, hot wheels theme, Barbie theme, batman, the dark knight rises, batman vs. superman dawn of justice, beach uno, cars uno and in almost every new movie and collectible items theme.

#4 Hide and seek

Hide and seek

This one is again a game that can be played by both adults and kids and is even known to all and everyone from generations. An old school game which is filled with thrill and energy and that which also needs using some brains.

The bigger the area, the more energy required, the more the number of people and places to hide the more challenging and thrilling. One should actually be totally alert while searching for others because anyone can jump on you at any time and from anywhere.

#5 The wooden spoon

This game falls under the adult category because it is a bit tricky, but it can even be played by the children. The game is to find out the things that seem odd from the given list of particulars. And pick them out as soon as possible and before others finish with their tasks.

The last one to take out all the odd things will lose and will not be moving into the next round. To make a list more troubling and tough put maximum things that seem to fit in the list and minimum things in between randomly that don’t fit. To make even more challenging, put items that appear to belong in the list but are not of the same category.

#6 How to do you do

This indoor game requires two teams, and one from each team has to hum a song, but instead of humming, they have to sing in “doo,” while the opposite team has to guess the song. To make it challenging and tricky use songs with fewer melodies and use more lyrical stuff so that the opposing team could not guess the musical pattern of the song.

#7 Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is a game that can be enjoyed by adults while accompanying the kids. The name has got all the details about the game. You have to search for the items that are hidden and spread around the house or ground.

You can even play it on open ground by hiding the items under the ground or behind a tree or a pot. Take the items away from their usual places and try to hide them somewhere else, where no one could even guess.

#8 Dots and boxes

This is available even on mobile phones these days. But the original game was played on just paper and with a pencil or pen. Draw dots on regular intervals in horizontal and vertical lines. Now, remember the game has to be played in between two or more.

The player has to complete a box and also keep the other player away from completing the box. Basically, the last player to draw the last and the fourth line of the box wins. So to keep one from winning the other player can skip right after he or she realizes that the box can be completed in the next move.

#9 Puzzles


There are numerous and different types of puzzles available in the market or on the play store or iOS. If you are interested in a more physical and 3D looking puzzle, buy one from a market where you have to complete a picture of a Disney character or a superhero.

If not, play it on your mobile phones. Download, 2048 a numerical addition game or infinity loop, move the block, interlocked, or if you want the same feel as of a physical puzzle download the jigsaw puzzle game from play store.

#10 Building

Ah, finally one of my all-time favorite. Gather cardboard boxes or cushions and make a castle out of it. If needed, buy a few more to make a chamber inside your castle.

Come up with new ideas, make gates and comfortable rooms inside your ruling castle and if needed, cover it up with a bedsheet. And do remember to put on a flag of yours with your design or logo.

#11 Tic-tac-toe

Tic tac toe

This game is again an age-old game right from the primary schooling days played and fought over for centuries. This game can be played on a paper by drawing cross and circles with a pencil or a pen or even on the sand on a beach with just your fingers or with a stick.

There is no explanation needed on how to play this game as everyone out there has been playing it for a really long time.

#12 Hangman

Here you have to guess the word, and each false attempt could get you close to killing a man. By this I mean while you are attempting to guess the word, if you get a wrong word a body part is drawn by your opponent, and if the whole body is done drawing you lose the game.

Drawing rules: while drawing the body, you will need to draw a rope at the beginning of the game, while you are writing the initials or other letters of the word.

#13 Indoor bowling

For this, you don’t need an actual set up as of the bowling arena. All you need are few empty plastic bottles and a plastic ball or an inflatable ball, big and strong enough to bring down the bottle down to the ground.

You will need to fill the plastic bottles halfway with water so that they stay stable on the ground and don’t become too light and even don’t fall too easily by just the touch of the ball.

Start your own tournament at your home, or you can even practice with it for the actual bowling game or for the competition coming your way.

#14 Movie ID

Again a game that can be played by the adults and kids. There have to be two teams, and one player from each team has to come up to explain the movie title, in turn.

The player has to explain the movie title in sign language and not by saying even a word, that too in limited signs. The movie is given by the opposing team, and they also have to look after the person explaining, so that he or she does not exceed the sign count.

#15 Beer pong

Beer pong

Well, a game that is played in almost every rave party. This game is a legend in itself. The player in this game has to target the glasses filled with beer and throw a ping pong ball in the glasses from a specific distance.

To make it more exciting, play this game when you are filled with alcohol and are drunk enough not to understand the situations.

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