fun games to play online

Fun games to play online

The child in everyone who loved PC or Playstation games has developed new opportunities to get the best features in games and sometimes almost for free. Multiplayer games have got so much into popularity that now even the android or iOS mobiles have added it to make the best of time.

These days you get the chance to be in touch with people all across the oceans and make friends with them sometimes even more than just friends. This is the age of online gaming or should I say (GAMER DAD JOKES AHEAD!) the age of empires.

Starting with the one in trend and the reason for people losing their sanity over a game, I have come up with few online games to play along with your friends.

This list has got a few strategy games, along with some RPG’s and the sandbox as well and of course has been made on my personal favorite games or the game that I have tried, so the list might lose some of the epic games you like or have come across. Luckily I could have added the blue whale challenge but due to some eyes from the FBI, I had to cut it down.



This game is so much into hype these days that recently a kid killed himself over it as he could not get the proper required series of tech to run the game.

But everything has got some exceptional cases, besides which the game has got the best features for a team or on a personal level. As being said, this game can be played as a solo player or with a group of mates.

#2 CS.GO (counter strike global offensive)

This game has to be there in the list, developed by Valve and the hidden path entertainment, we have everyone has come across this game somewhere in our lives and some people have even got stuck for a while in it.

I have seen some of my colleagues still playing this game and avoiding parties for it, no doubt it is an addictive one that even I would love to sit and try my older and forgotten gaming skills.

#3 Fortnite

The game released in 2017 by epic games, has three gaming modes distinctly that have the same gaming engine and general gameplay.

“Fortnite: Save the world” is a survival game where up to four players can play at the same time. You have to shoot the zombie creatures and defend what is asked.

Next is Fortnite battle royale the game on which every meme lord had their eye on and a free to play the game. As the name suggests, it is a battle game where up to 100 players can fight at the same time.

The aim of this game is to stand till the end of it. Fight each other and survive till you can, kill as many as you want to, or as many you can, the best and the only thing a gamer wants.

Fortnite creativity is the game where the players can build new battle arenas and construct the world as they want it to be. This game is released just a few months back at the start of December of 2018.


The latest release and the definitive edition were released in 2018 in the month of February and have a remastered soundtrack, some gameplay improvements, and a new and high definition overhauled graphics having 4K resolution.

There have been around 19 games in the series before this game, where the first game was released in 1997. Yes! It is among few classic games. The game is developed by ensemble studios and published by Microsoft Studios. All the games in the series include seven titles and three spin-offs to date.

#5 Dota2

Another one from my college and hostel days, I still remember betting on this one and then getting all drunk whoever the shit won the game. Again a multiplayer game to trip on.

This game is again by my favorites VALVE corporations. And STEAM has given it 9 out of 10 ratings. This one here is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Well, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment.

This game is played in between teams of five players where each team or to be clear both the teams have to defend and occupy the most of their base on the map. All the ten payers in this game have control over a character called or mentioned as ‘Hero’.

You get to collect some experience points being the player and even have control over the abilities of the player and their playing styles, meaning you can use the items and those experience points to defeat the opposing team or opposing player.

#6 Planetside2

Again a game rated 9 out of 10 by STEAM. This game is a first-person shooting game, but the developers call it a free to play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game. Planetside 2 is developed by Sony Online as well as it is even published by the same firm.

This game can be played on both Microsoft Windows and of course Sony Playstation 4. Released on November 20, 2012, for Microsoft Windows and on June 23, 2015, for Sony play station 4, this sequel and re-imagination of the planetside have almost the same story as of the first.

The world is again the same and even takes place in the same time period as it was in the previous part. It provides territory control, the battle between 2000 players including land and air vehicles all in the open world. It is faster compared to the previous game and has added a potential in itself to include more players.

#7 Path of exile

The free to play action role-playing video game has been rated 90% by PC Gamer. It can be played on every platform from Microsoft Windows, Sony Play station 4 to Xbox One, and is published by Grinding Gear Games.

The game was originally released in October 2013 for Microsoft Windows and later in August 2017, the developers decided to go for Xbox one platform, much later in 2019 February they aimed for Sony Playstation 4.

#8 League of legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer battle arena for Microsoft and Mac. The game is developed by Riot Games and published by the same as well. It is an inspiration taken from Warcraft iii: the frozen throne mod and defense of the Ancients (DOTA).

Growing its community since it was released in 2009, it has got a very strong fanbase at present, as it was the most played game on PC in North America and Europe in 2012.

The riot games looking at the fanbase, even have started organizing league championship series (LCS) in North America and Europe. This tournament takes place in Los Angels and Berlin where 10 professional teams compete with each other.

#9 Hearthstone: heroes of warcraft

IGN Entertainment has given this game 9 out of 10 and it is again free to play an online digital collectible card game. It is a part of the warcraft series and has some same characters, elements, and relics. Platforms are iOS, android as well as Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

This game holds two separate opponents against one another in the world of the same warcraft that we have played previously. The card game has got classes that have their own unique abilities, the classes are defined such as warrior shaman, rogue, paladin, hunter druid, warlock, mage, and priest.

The deck of cards holds four types of cards such as minions, spells, weapons, and heroes.

#10 Star wars: the old republic

This is our next RPG in the list which is developed by Bio ware Austin and published by Electronic Arts (EA). This game is again a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and was released in 2008 on October 21. Unfortunately, this game can be just played on one platform and that is Microsoft Windows.

The game takes place right after the Sith Empire has been re-emerged. This is also considered to be the most developmentally expensive game made and right in the early days of this game it got more than one million subscribers just within three days of its launch.

And following the game many comics and books have been released. The story takes place three hundred years after the events of star wars: knight of the old republic and more than three thousand six hundred years before the events in the star wars movies.

#11 Forza motorsport 6 apex

This one is a racing video game here developed by turn 10 studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It can be played on Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox One.

This new edition of Forza has got a new story mode called “stories of motorsport” and has around 70 hours of gameplay. Well, there is not much to tell about this game besides that this game is some of the best to be played online.

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