19 Fun Games To Play

19 Fun Games To Play

Games are fun and whoever says “games are just for kids” trust me, stay away from these people, you don’t need such negativity in your life. There is no age, no bar and no time to have fun and play games, be it the beer pong or be it a normal hide and seek, you can even have fun while letting the dice decide your next Kama sutra position( Fun Games To Play)while having sex, well it is a game again.

You can play indoor games or go outdoor and hit your friends or cousins with a snowball. There is a specific category for rainy day indoor games which can still be neglected as you don’t get chances to wet yourself and play outdoor rainy day games make paper boats race through the streams of water till either of yours dissolves or drowns, go play football in the mud and while it is raining heavily or just jump through the ponds and splash some mud on your partner.

Here, I have categorized the games depending on the age and made the list of indoor and outdoor games for the kids and adults both, this list consists of some of the epic games that can be played by yourself or with your gang.

#List of 19 Fun Games To Play 🙂

Age 2 to 4

#1 I spy

I spy

The age-old and classic game, play I spy with your kids. Let them explore the world around them. You can play this game with a single kid or a bunch of children. Give them chances, let them take turns, and let them learn about the game and the existing things around, step by step.   

#2 Balance beam

This is one of the most embarrassing games as it could get stuck in your mind for your entire life, and believe me, as much this game could become an embarrassment it could be also really fun at the same time. Well, you may pass through an adult who might be stepping on just leaves fallen on the ground in random or one that would be stepping on stones. The same is with this game make few markings in straight, circles, or in zigzag patterns randomly and let your kids walk on it and only on it!

#3 Sorting

Sorting is again a game that teaches the kids about things and talking about things as in the material. Just as the name suggests, the kid needs to sort things out depending on their colors, texture, the type of how an object is, and many things more. Make a few bins in which kids need to put things as they are labeled.

#4 Blow bubbles

The best fun time of my childhood, I still miss running or jumping to chase and pop the bubbles made of liquid soap and even blowing them. This game can be played both ways, indoor and outdoor. There is also one part of this game and which is the most exciting and awesome one and also that could make you feel too obsessed with it. You can be an “air bender” yes the same from the cartoon called ‘avatar’ and from the movie of M. Night Shyamalan, ‘The last air bender’. All you have to do is know physics a bit and move your hands in circles around the bubble and you will see it moving as you want and where you want. Try it, practice it, and believe in yourself.      

#5 Keep the balloon up

Keep the balloon up

A stamina booster you could say, this game has been there for almost every birthday party and school games. You have to ask the kids to keep the balloons from touching the floor and do whatever is possible. Blowing them by mouth was the best one to date I have seen but they can even try to keep touching them and bouncing them in the air. Also, you need to take care of your ceiling, especially if you have some art or decoration on it.

Age 5-8

#6 Outdoor obstacle course

This is just a balance beam that has been described previously, with few obstacles. It is again a game that can be played indoor as well as outdoor. Place a couple of pots on which the kid has to walk on balancing themselves, put Hoola hoops in between, and make the path that goes through slides and few balance beams. Make it as tough as possible but tough as in for a kid, but a few ropes in between to climb on them. While playing indoor you can use cushions and couches as obstacles. And allow only jumping, crawling, walking while skipping one or two obstacles. 

#7 Musical chairs

This game has to be played in a group and can be played by a person of any age. Play some music and the players have to move around the chairs and as soon as the music stops everyone has to sit on the available chairs.  Yes, available chairs by this I mean if there are four players there have to be only three chairs, the one who is left to sit or to get a chair is out of the game. Place the chairs in a line and each alternate chair facing the opposite sides.

#8 Hot potato

This one is a never-ending game. Simply grab a softball and let the kids toss the ball underhand and as I said no one when knows does this game will actually end.  

#9 Hide and seek

Everyone knows how this game is played and everyone has mastered this one, Yet it is fun. This game can be played even when you are an adult or in any age group. This one is again a classic and the best thing to scare the shit out of the one who is seeking is to hide right behind him or her and take him out. 

#10 Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt the name has it all. You have to make kids search the items on the list; it can be located anywhere in the house or the hall. Make it interesting by listing items that are tough to understand and even hide the items where it is hard to locate or away from the usual places of items and also that are visited by the kids or are easy to guess.

#11 Rock paper scissors

Rock paper scissors

This game is still played by the adults to decide who jumps first in the river; basically it is done as a toss between the adults. An age-old game that is worst in terms of luck than gambling in Las Vegas.

#12 Simon says

Another epic game from an age-old tale. This game becomes tricky when the game is faster and is a game that is played in a group. All you have to do is choose and make one kid ‘Simon’ and let him command the fellow others. If he is tricky at giving orders everyone is gonna have fun. some rule to follow, that if someone fails to follow the order before the next command from Simon that kid is out from this round, also if one follows a command which is not started with ‘Simon Says’ again the kid is out. So do remember, it is compulsory to start the command with Simon says.       

Age 9-12

#13 Indoor or in house bowling

Set up some empty or half-filled water bottles in a way just as they set in the bowling arena. Take a plastic ball or any kind of lightweight ball and play the game. 

#14 Basketball

It is not the usual outdoor basketball. This one has to be played with socks ball and a laundry basket or a few paper balls or aluminum balls and a dustbin. 

#15 Marbles

It is just like carom and has to be played in a circle of at least 3 feet. Place the marbles in the circle close to each other like they do on a snooker table and hit them with a bigger marble. 

Age 13+

#16 Dominoes

This is one of the classic games ever played and invented. Dominoes can be played by both adults and kids.

#17 Domino toppling

Domino toppling

This is the best thing you can do if you are into destruction. This game is meant to be destroyed totally after you build it up. Place the domino bricks one after the other, in designs, in circles, line them up on small stares or boxes, make words with them and push the first brick of domino and all you will see satisfying designs getting depth as the broken lines between the bricks get solved and is filled in by the other bricks of domino. Visit the internet for more designs and more and more variation. 

#18 Jenga

This game needs concentration and patience. Jenga was invented by funskool and is still in the list of top 10 games to be played by adults and kids. As much a kid needs to hold up his patience level the adults need to have the same.

#19 UNO

A game again by funskool and in the list of top 10 games to be played by the group, this game still brags a place in the list of ‘friendship destroyer games’ which also has games like monopoly. 

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