14 Genius Ways For How To Kill Time

In day to day life whenever we get some free time for how to kill time, all we do is pull out our smartphone and start scrolling on Instagram or watch some YouTube videos. But once in a while, we get a whole day or week for ourselves to do nothing. Most of us pass that time watching YouTube videos or some Netflix series, but we can’t ignore the fact that not everybody is enjoying an unlimited internet connection.

So is there any other simple way to pass time which is also not dependent on an Unlimited Internet connection. Below is a compilation of some most interesting ways to kill time along with some good learning.

These are a way to kill time

#1 Pubg


This online multiplayer combat game, which lets you spend your time talking to your friends along with killing some enemies of other teams within the game.

This is an online multiplayer game, in which you can play as a lone player or can form a team of up to four players and fight with other teams within the game. The interface of this game, lets you feel that you yourself are roaming in the fields while playing.

While playing Pubg you will realize that time is passing without getting bored and some of the days even 24 hours will be less for you for playing this amazing interface game.

#2 Carrom

If you are bored spending too much time on social media and other online video streaming platforms and want to spend some time offline without getting bored, so all you need is a Carrom board along with carrom coins and Carrom powder.

Carrom is old school, but still, the best way to have some fun time with your friends or family and without even stressing your eyes from UV rays of your smartphone screen.

#3 Video chats

In the normal routine of our day to day life, we don’t get enough time to be with or to talk to with long-distance friends and relatives. So if you have some time to kill then you can spend it doing video conferencing with your friends and family members with whom you cannot be with right now. Since we don’t have any workload or any kind of other activities to do during this period. You can do Skype chats or WhatsApp video chats for uninterrupted videos, also you can do group video chats on these platforms for group discussions or make laugh at each other’s jokes.

#4 Reading


How many days or months has it been since you have read something good, maybe a great novel about suspense, thriller, romance, or a motivational one maybe? In our busy lives, we don’t give much time to reading, other than that is necessary for our studies or our work. During this time we can enhance our knowledge and our reading skills. Try to get a habit of reading something like novels, newspapers, magazines, etc. and if you don’t own any at the moment, then no need to worry. Download e-books and go on a reading adventure!

#5 Learning a new Language

In our everyday life, we are so preoccupied that we don’t get the time to do something new. Some of us have always wished to learn something new like a new language and now it is easily possible in the comfort of our homes. There are Mobile Applications such as “Duolingo” on which we can learn the language of our liking such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, and any other we can think of. Learning a new language ought to prove advantageous in the future.

#6 Cooking

Amid this free time of yours, you can definitely learn some new cooking skills to cook some delicious food. There are many recipes available online as well as recipe videos which can be followed by amateurs to create some lip-smacking and flavorsome food. Also, the food cooked at home will be healthy and hygienic as compared to the ones we purchase. So why not wake up the inner Home Cook in you and create some culinary innovations to make yourself as well as your loved ones happy.

#7 Ludo

This game has always been a part of everyone’s childhood. It is such an addictive game that anyone playing it will get immersed in it and will travel the time to reach the memories of their childhood. With the development of technology, this game is available in online multiplayer mode, we can enjoy it and kill time with our friends or family or both while staying at home. All we have to do download the game apps such as “Ludo King” and have fun.

#8 Make your presence on Social Media

Since we have plenty of time to mark our presence on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. Social media makes us aware of what is going around the world in the comfort of our homes. Not only we could become conscious of the outside world, but we can also make the world aware of our presence. These platforms bring out our innovative and imaginative side. We may click nice pictures, edit them, write poetry, bring forward our thoughts, etc. So get creative and make the world know about you!

#9 Listening music

Listening music

Good music is like a good book and a great way to pass time. Listening to Music just elevates our mood and make us an enriched person. Listening to music help calming our mind and soul. When bored, immerse yourself in music and forget your stress and problems. Listening to music comes with many benefits like it boosts happiness, decreases stress while increasing overall health. Also, a great way to overcome depression. So listen to the songs you love or refresh your playlist and enjoy the magic of music.

#10 Meditation

Meditation is a great way to feel alive in this fast-moving world. Meditation lets you enjoy the pleasure of being in the moment. In our daily routine, we don’t get enough time to do things like meditation although it is very important for balancing work life and personal life, as it makes our mind more active. Meditation brings the real person out of you and helps in achieving peace of mind, which is very much required in this free time to learn and grow.

#11 Workout

If we have so much time to kill, then there is a high probability that we may spend it watching too many videos and playing games on phone, which will lead to so much laziness. To overcome this laziness and fatigue we should do some exercises. All we have to do is to find some videos of home workout (for instance search “easy home workout for beginners”) on YouTube and start doing as per the instructions given. These home workouts are easy and also doing them is fun and effective too.

#12 Yoga


If somebody wants to get in shape without being involved in any hard muscle breaking exercises then yoga is the best way you can achieve your goal without being hurt or getting tired. All we need for this is a small space where we can sit down and carry out yoga poses. Yoga not only elevates mood but doing yoga is a fun activity and one of the best ways to utilize time along with some health treatment to your body. Details of best yoga exercises can be found on youtube.

#13 Solving Sudoku

Sudoku puzzle is a great way to kill time in a productive manner. It needs full attention to solve without any mistake. Playing this will let you unleash the power of your brain. Any Sudoku game of medium level will take around 20 minutes minimum and also it is very addictive, once you start solving this you will get involved in it so much that you will not even realize how time is passing swiftly. One major benefit of playing Sudoku is that it will increase your brainpower in calculating the numbers.

#14 Redecorate your room

How many days has it been since you were thinking of doing something new and fun with your room, but you didn’t have enough time for that? Utilize this time to redesign your room the way you always wished. Start with the curtains, then the arrangement of the furniture, the lighting, the decorative stuff, etc. It’s up to your imagination and liking! When you are done with your room, then go a step further and redecorate your home. This little step of redecorating will enlighten your mood every day.


Above are some great and fun ways to kill time in a manner that we also get to learn something out of it as well. Free time also comes with the opportunity to learn something new which we could not have to learn in normal day to day routine. Other than the above-mentioned ways to kill time, we can also learn some new skills. All we have to do is to subscribe to some YouTube channels for the skill we want to learn as per your mood and preferences.

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