53 Ridiculously Productive Things to Kick-off your Boredom

53 Ridiculously Productive Things to Kick-off your Boredom

Boredom is reality and it can hit you at any instance, when you are sitting at home with no tasks left from the to-do list or when you are totally busy and indulged in your work.

This feeling is one of the most irritating feelings to happen to you and to accompany that the humans have created a concept called time which repeatedly reminds you of each minute passing by.

The feeling of a minute passing like an hour can be escaped when you occupy yourself with a few things or activities. You can indulge yourself with things that can be done to just escape the boredom or you can do things that can help you develop a few abilities or to complete forgotten tasks.

I am sharing a list of 53 productive things to when bored which will surely help you get over boredom and at the same time, help you improve yourself.

Productive Things to do When Bored –

#1 Calculate your free time

Calculate your free time when you are bored

Now that you are bored you realize the time is a lot for you to spend. Actually you unconsciously waste more than 30 hours of your time in a week, even today when you are bored you have already wasted two to three hours of your day. Calculate and divide your time and think of utilizing it in a proper way.

#2 Reboot your computer

Rebooting your computer solves many problems at a time. The problems like slow speed or it may be behaving in a weird way lately all can be solved just by one step.

#3 Clean your desk

It is your free time, and you may have a messed up desk with lots of files and unwanted papers and pins and god know what. Clean up your desk and sort things out. Feel fresh and work without the stress.

#4 Organize your desk

Now that you have cleaned the desk set the needed things where they should be placed. Let it be presentable and let your boss feel fresh when he visits your desk.

#5 Decide what you need

Decide what you need from the scrap you found while cleaning the desk.

#6 Make a list for the desk

See what all things that you want for your desk; it may be a new pencil holder or file holder or just a few paper pins. Keep a track or make a list of what you want on your desk, a few new things to purchase, or just a calculator.

#7 Get a few new books

Get few new books

Get a few new books to read or to learn more about your career. Get inspired to try new things that are explained in the books for your career.

#8 Watch TED-X

You can also get inspiration by watching the struggling lives that have made it to the big stage. Watch TED-X where they explain their struggle and journey to where they are now.

#9 Learn from Youtube

Learn from Youtube about your career or a few kitchen tricks. Learn business management and career options after what you have done and what you have done.

#10 Make a list of goals

Make a list of goals for your future references, for your career or for opting for a new course. It is necessary as it is a long journey to it and you may lose the track or forget something important in between.

#11 Make a, to read folder

Make a, to read folder in your inbox for those emails that seem important and for those which are in the spam folder and are lengthy.

#12 See if you are ready for new responsibilities at work

See if you are ready for new responsibilities at work; discuss it with your seniors. See if they get impressed or if they suggest adding a few new things more to it.

#13 Watch podcast

Podcasts of celebrities or businessmen or any other important and inspirational person you followed for a long time. Watch it work on yourself or with your habits that need few touch-ups.

#14 Time management

Learn time management

Learn time management, it is very important to divide your daily routine or time in a healthy and mannered way. Healthy because it may affect you internally and attack directly on your organs and mannered because you need a proper work routine and some time to relax at the same time.

Master your skills when you have sorted spending your time out.

#15 Run updates of your computer

There may have been updated on your computer which you have not used yet. Try spending some time with it and get to know what awesome new features they have added this time.

#16 Delete excess files

There are files that you haven’t used in a while and also not going to use in the future. The files that you may not need or the folders that don’t seem so important delete everything in it. Give your RAM some free space and let it breathe comfortably.

#17 Get networking app

Download a professional network app to help get away from your internship days. It even helps if you are an introvert as it connects you with people who are looking for candidates in professional fields.

#18 Update your profile

Update your profile on the business networking sites such as LinkedIn. See what all you have achieved since the last time you upgraded your profile. Add those things and the things that seem important and attractive to the companies.

#19 Research on conferences

You may have a conference coming up; learn how to be presentable and approachable in front of your seniors and colleagues.

#20 Subscribe to an online class

 Subscribe to an online class

If you have got no time to travel and to go to a class all the way by detouring your way back home, join an online session class. This will help save some time and even save a few bucks as you don’t have to travel all the way to another side of the city.

#21 Research for new ways to approach

Research for new ways to approach your professional people and research on approaching your work.

#22 Make a to-do folder in your inbox

Just to remind yourself of the things that are coming your way soon and to be prepared for them. Make a, to do folder in your inbox, so that you pass through it while going through other mails.

#23 Go through spam

See if you have any important emails in your spam folder to see if you haven’t cleaned it up yet.

#24 Organize your files in your computer

Make folders, arrange files in a proper way, and put them in a proper folder, label them neatly if possible sort them out alphabetically or depending on their date of need.

#25 Unsubscribe that is unwanted

You have been receiving unwanted emails that are just overflowing in your spam folder. See if they still need or not and unsubscribe those who are unwanted.

#26 Mail a mentor

Mail a mentor to ask for the skill set needed for a particular job. This could help you if you are planning to change the profession.

#27 Try new hobbies

Try new hobbies

Adopt a few new hobbies and learn them or master them one by one.

#28 Delete anything personal

Delete anything personal from the computer that you use at work. Because your files may be seen by any of your seniors and that moment can be awkward. So to avoid such incidents, be cautious, and be prepared.

#29 To-do list

Write down your to-do list on the stick on papers paste it at someplace where its visible and somewhere from where you pass often so it can remind you of the important things.

#30 Learn various programs

Learn new programs on your computer to task out more work easily. Learn shortcuts learn new commands and make your work easy and fast.

#31 Download audio lessons

Just as online classes, you also get audio lessons that you can listen to while traveling from home to your workplace or whenever you are free.

#32 Talk to someone on your career

If you are planning to switch your career plan it out loud. Ask as many people possible and try to contact the senior at your workplace or any senior from your college or a good mentor.

#33 Build a presentation

Build a presentation for the ideas you have to improve or on your work strategy. If you have new plans for the work environment, make a presentation.

#34 Revise working program

Revise your working program, see if it needs a new add on or change according to your life and schedule.

#35 Find a mentor

If you don’t have a mentor, try to search for one. See who has helped you in your difficult times and see who has given the best advice till now. Sort his or her name depending on the situation.

#36 Try to be a mentor to someone

Try to be a mentor to someone who is in need or take chances with yourself to be your own mentor.

#37 Read article

Read articles on anything, get inspired, or grasp new things that you need in your life right now. A big change may be or just a little change in routine. Read articles on a career orientation program read about an artist or celebrity or a big shot businessman.

#38 Research on your pay grade

See if you need a raise or is the ongoing pay grade fine with. See if it is helping you with your expenditure.

#39 Plan to ask for a raise

You got free time and you have finished all your work and tasks for today. It is the best time to go and discuss the pay grade with your boss and ask him for a raise.

#40 Update your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile

See what not has been there for a long time or does it need an update on the list. Add the skills you have learned lately and added the things you have achieved since your last update.

#41 Update your skill list

If you have done something new and even mastered it, add it to the list of your skillset in the resume. Describe it in a proper way.

$42 Recommendations

Talk to your boss about the recommendations that need to be done at the workplace. A few updates maybe or a new work routine that needs to be added.

#43 Talk to professionals or seniors at work

Discuss your problems, discuss your life or environment, discuss your next steps, take advice to learn their work procedure.

#44 Contact professional people for an interview

Contact those that you think have gained more experience in life and at work. Have an interview on how things work around in a specific workplace environment.

#45 Work on the summary

If you already have a summary, work on it a bit more, make it look more creative visit other LinkedIn profiles, and see how they have done it. How to start how to end, what all new things they have covered.

#46 Subscribe to a new newsletter

Subscribe to a new newsletter

Get to know the organization up close, subscribe to the newsletter, and get periodical updates on your routine.

#47 Contact a professional person; invite him/ her over a coffee

You might want to know a senior authority at your workplace or a colleague closely, invite them over a coffee. Get to know them and discuss the workplace environment.

#48 your email

Check your mail, see if it needs some changes and change your password for sure.

#49 your desktop or laptop physically

Clean your desktop or laptop physically, clean the dust over the keyboard and monitor. Clean the web behind and inside your CPU. Clean the air ducts to keep your CPU smooth and kill the chances of getting it heated.

#50 Contact your old contact

Contact your old contact, check if they are still available; see if they can be available when you need it.

#51 Change your password

Change the login password of your computer or email or anything personal or important. Change keys of your ATM.

#52 Clean up your desktop

It is very important to keep a track of when you cleaned the cache of your computer last time. It may have been in a need of upgrades or it may need to be in need of new antivirus.

#53 Upgrade your old to-do list

If you have a to-do list, check if it needs an add on or have you got another important appointment at the same time as of the previous one.

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