51 Things To Do When Bored, For Guys

51 Things To Do When Bored, For Guys

Playing a role of a guy is not an easy job at all. Especially in this world where everyone seems already tangled in their own time and so much associated with their own work, no one has time to look around what guys can go through.

When boredom hits and you start searching options for yourself to just pass your free time, you can fall lesson options to come up with. There are anyway only a few options and the situation becomes even worse when it happens to guys, as almost 50 percent of activities are cut down depending on the interest. So here is a list (51 Things To Do When Bored, For Guys)with which you can sort things up and keep yourself busy.

#51 Things To Do When Bored, For Guys…

#1 Fishing

Do fishing when you are bored

It is not just sitting and waiting with a hope of a catch, it is also an eager wait for the recipe to add new flavors to it and wait to smell the aroma of the grill and meat.

#2 Search for guns and ammunition

You can visit a nearby shop and learn about the ammunition practically or go on the internet and go through the pages. Watch out for the updates and watch the guns those which are age-old yet killing it on the field.

#3 Play video games

There are always games left to experience, it can be played on either of a computer or a phone. Try those which you never got a chance to play.

#4 Do kickboxing

Practice a few moves for when you are in a situation you can show them off. Or just be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

#5 Do yoga

Relax and calm yourself within a few steps. Help your internal organs to breathe well.

#6 Update your dating account

See your photos when you are bored

See if the style of your photos has gone out of date. Update the pics and bio of your account, go through your phone’s gallery and see if there are few pics that seem promising on getting you laid.

#7 Skip stones at a lake

Catch a friend or go alone feel the calmness of nature visit a nearby lake and skip a few stones on the water body. Practice the trick if you are not so well at it.

#8 Go surfing

Hit the beach grab the tanning cream, get your best shorts, and go surfing. Practice new moves, wait for the highest tide, and go extreme sporting.

#9 Try a new hairstyle

If you haven’t changed the look from the past few months, it is the right chance to hit the salon and try on new and trendy hairstyles. Color your hair or work on your beard. Get the best oil or cream to tame your hair.

#10 Watch the movies you missed

Look out for the movies that you missed during they were in the theaters, watch them as you have time now. Make a list of those you have missed and watched the movies one by one.

#11 Make a playlist

Make your playlist when you are bored

Choose your favorite songs, put them in one group and go listen to your favorite tracks on the go, try shuffling them, and experience new feelings every time. Name the playlist with a funny title, make as many as you want, and be ready for each moment, a long drive through the countryside, a romantic night, a pool party, or just a retro playlist with many of the insane artists on the list.

#12 Volunteer to help animals

There are plenty of voiceless lives on the street which needs help. Volunteer to help out those animals, go on a rescue, and help in treating them. Take care of those in despair and pain, or just feed those who are hungry.

#13 Bathe your pet

Your pet should be healthy and even your home. To prevent dirt from entering your place and keeping it tidy and neat, at least for a few days you clean your house, do the same to your pet before they fall sick. Even if not talking about the worst cases, they need a bath every week just so that they feel fresh and energetic.

#14 Take your pet for a routine check-up

They need to be taken care of just as a child, just to be sure about the allergies or for prevention from chronic disease take them for checkups regularly. And if you do, have you gone for one lately?

#15 Try a local fruit

One that you haven’t tried from your city or the nearby town, one that you didn’t know about yet. There are many to taste as dragon fruit or many more.

#16 Create a blog

Create a blog when you are bored

Go on writing and connect with people with your words put it online and see how many out there get an inspiration.

#17 Go hiking

Visit the nearby sites go on a trail, discover new species of plants or insects.

#18 Play golf

Playing golf could be a refreshing pass time sport, which is also taken seriously by some people. Try on playing it if you haven’t experienced it till now.

#19 Sleep on the roof

Go on the rooftop lie down and watch the stars at night, feel the breeze, and see if you are lucky enough to watch a falling star.

#20 Try new clothing

Take out your old pair of jeans and see if they still fit you or do they need any alterations.

#21 Match the outfits      

Match the outfits when you are bored

Make new outfits by matching your existing clothing. Match them depending on their color combination match them according to their fittings.

#22 Try water sports

Go on extreme sports, try the fast watercraft, or the motorboats racing.

#23 Write poems

See if you are good with words and rhyming. Keep on writing kinds of stuff and explore within yourself.

#24 Try on new food

Try some new taste and food that you haven’t tried yet. There are restaurants innovating new recipes every time.

#25 Come up with your own recipe for pizza

Pineapple on a pizza is in the trend don’t try it, come up with your own reasons to cringe on.

#26 Play water balloons

Play water balloons when you are bored

Invite over some friends and have a great time playing a few pranks with water balloons.

#27 Go to a nearby water park

Get refreshed and visit the nearby water park. Go on sliding on the famous and adventurous waterslide

#28 Play Frisbee with your dog

Get some our time with your dog be a good human, let them call you a good boy.

#29 Take your dog for a walk

Continuing having our time with your dog, take them for a walk and let them explore the neighborhood. Let them make new friends.

#30 Do DIY’s

Watch DIY projects and see how many are able to be done practically and are needed as well.

#31 Go watch a baseball game

Go watch baseball game when you are bored

Support your team, grab the popcorn or the cotton candy, and scream all the way for your team.

#32 Watch trilogies

Star wars or the spider man played by Tobey Maguire or just the marvel trilogies you have got them all.

#33 Swap books

Try and swap books with someone around your neighborhood, call them over for a reading session and some coffee.

#34 Calm in your garden

Sit and relax in your garden watching the flowers grow up and watch the butterflies flying through them.

#35 Chill in your inflatable pool

Grab a few cans of beer till the pool is being set up fill it with water and have some great time when you sip the beer being inside the pool.

#36 Wash your car

Wash your car when you are bored

If you haven’t washed it in a while and by washing I mean total clean up from the inside as well, wash it! It is needed and does it before its too late and start smelling.

#37 Try adventure sports

Go for paragliding or climbing a mountain if not go for the paintball session in the arena.

#38 Watch fireworks

Countrysides usually keep having some sessions of fireworks visit few during the evening time at enjoying the colorful nights.

#39 Search for upcoming movies

Be ready to spend some bucks and plan it beforehand. Keep a track of your favorite upcoming movies on the apps like IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

#40 Visit Local Park

Visit a park from your area have a look at nature and sit on the lakeside.

#41 Write a play

Write a play when you are bored

If you are interested in play and acting you should also start writing a few. This will also help you understand the feelings and emotions faster during a movie.

#42 See how far you can spit the seeds

Eat the watermelon and challenge your friends to a seed-spitting competition. See how far you or your friends can go.

#43 Try on new alcohol

Finding a reason to get drunk? Well, this could be it and this could be an actual fun-filled way.

#44 List down your favorite things

Write down your favorite top 10 things. Be it movies or songs or dishes, make separate lists as many you want.

#45 Lookout a ring for your partner

Searching for a ring for an occasion can be added to your list while you are searching to get over boredom.

#46 Do gym at home

Do gym at home when you are bored

It doesn’t really matter if you do the gym at your home or around a trainer. Well, if you are aiming to pump the body and compete with Schwarzenegger you will have to but for a healthy and fit body, you can even do it at your home by learning few exercises from the internet.

#47 Sit under a tree

Read a book or have a drink, notice the calmness of nature and chilly atmosphere under the shadow of a tree.

#48 Have a pool party

Poole parties don’t even need a reason, just invite few friends over have some snacks, grab the cans of beer and jump into the pool. Jump from the rooftop of your house or slide into the pool from the wet floor.

#49 Make videos

Make crafty videos or just a dance or music video. Prank on your friends but one which is healthier and of course funnier than what has been trending on the internet already. You can even shoot the activity of your pet to get few likes for their overloaded cuteness.

#50 Watch a play

Hit the live play theaters and experience the age-old English culture. Learn the emotions of Shakespeare through the acts of a person from your age.

#51 Learn to barbecue

If you haven’t done it yet, learn to barbecue. Experiment with the meat, experiment with the flavors.

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