What things to do when bored for kids

68 Fun Things To Do When Bored – For Kids

You could be a parent, a nanny, or even a babysitter and you have kids around you. Keeping them motivated and cheering them up is not an easy job at all. Kids are hard to entertain, but if they are handled properly, you just need (68 Fun Things To Do When Bored – For Kids) to take care of your patience and let them get tired so that they can fall asleep in no time.

When such situation comes up in your life, the first thing you should ever do is to teach the kids how to entertain themselves without depending on anyone; this will lead them to a correct way while growing up as an adult and being an independent person.

Fun Things To Do When Kids Say “I’m bored”

Here is a list of things and activities to do with or around kids to make them feel entertained or let them be busy. Get over these activities depending on their age group and difficulty level. Try to choose the ones that are not too easy to again have them in boredom and not too challenging as well.

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#1 Be someone from the book

Be someone from the book

Kids have their own favorite stories and love to live in the world inside the fairy tales or at least meet someone from the story. Try and act like one of the characters from their favorite tales.

#2 Bake

A sweet foodie item attracts kids and makes them happy, better to take care of the sugar rush they get. So bake them a few stuff, introduce them to new flavors in the world, and from around the world.

#3 Play hunting

Not the usual bloody shooting that could scare out the kids. Plan a normal scavenger hunt. This could even teach them differentiating a few things and arguably a fun process to learn. It is one of the best things to do when kids say I’m bored.

 #4 Dance with them

Turn on the nursery rhymes or just their favorite tracks and start dancing along with them. This will boost their confidence in doing public activities.

#5 Introduce them to new music

Turn on the radio and let the tracks go along; let your kids choose their favorite tracks. They will themselves start humming their favorite melody once they get attached to it.

#6 Build a cushion castle

What things to do when bored for kids


Kids love to have their own empire and play the role of being a king or queen. Help them build one, put a cushion on one another, let it have a small gate through which they can pass through.

#7 Have camping in your house

Either have them build a tent inside the house or in the garden. Grab a bed sheet and put it on chairs if you are making a tent in the house or are planning to build one in the yard, try to go for some sticks or a directly backpacking tent.

#8 Play with a ball or Frisbee

Throw a ball or a Frisbee and make them catch it. You don’t need a place to play this game; you can play it on the ground, in the garden, at your home, or even in a swimming pool.

#9 Plantation

Teach them the value of nature and to respect it. Take them for a trip to a garden or help them plant a few saplings and nurture it. Explain to them why it is essential to look after that sapling. Doing this will undoubtedly improve your relationship with the kids and make them a better person in life.

#10 Go geocaching

Explore nature with them and go on a small hiking trip to the nearby hills. Do geocaching and explore the best out of nature. Doing this activity will help them understand nature up-close and personal.

#11 Visit a museum

Visit a museum

Taking them to the museum will expose them to a vast world of knowledge. The models and artifacts there will get their attraction and teach them history, art, and even science in a fun way.

#12 Make jewelry

Use macaroni to make jewelry. Pass a thread along with them and let them dry. Use funny shapes and if possible try and paint them. Isn’t it one hell of creative things to do when bored?

#13 Halloween costume

Help them to choose a character for Halloween and to dress up as one.

#14 Make key chains

Grab a few mini toys that you got in the “happy meal” or just tie a ribbon to the key ring.

#15 Draw

When kids say I’m bored, help them draw cartoons and their favorite characters from their textbooks.

#16 Paint their bedroom


Paint bedroom when kids say I am bored

Paint their bedroom with their favorite colors. Do some hand printings, color their hands and even yours play on the walls.

#17 Play puzzle

Bring in puzzles and play along with your kids. Help them find the pieces.

#18 LEGO

Play with lego bricks builds a building or war tanks.

#19 Clay dough

Make funny animal shapes or a new design, merge colorful dough of clay and give them whatever shapes you want.

#20 Play bowling

There are enough plastic bottles at your home, and of course, you have to have a ball if you have got a kid. Set up a bowling arena and play along with them.

#21 Paint t-shirts

Do the hand tricks as told to paint walls with t-shirts. Or dye them in funny and attractive color combinations.

#22 Go for bird watching

Get the binoculars, pack your lunch, and hit the nursery.

#23 Potato sack race

Play potato sack race, have their friends invited, and play along with them.

#24 Play Jenga

Jenga is one of the best old school games and still appreciated even today. Build the Jenga blocks and try not to bring down the whole structure while removing one block.

#25 Draw designs by chalks

Bring in some colorful chalks and draw murals and other designs with the help of them.

#26 Make fruit sticks

Make fruit sticks

Pierce through different pieces of fruits. Make assorted flavors and try to have taste differences between them, from sweet to sour.

#27 Blow balloon

Even if you don’t have a party at your place blow a few colorful balloons just for fun.

#28 Spin but don’t be dizzy

Spin and keep counting on the number of turns that you take without getting dizzy.

#29 Play and learn

Play lily pad leaps and keep learning step by step.

#30 Movie

Watch a movie and invite their friends over to watch along. Have some popcorn and juices ready for them.

#31 Have a puppet play

Have a puppet play

Build a stage out of cardboard and invite over a few kids and entertain them for a puppet play.

#32 Make puppets

Grab old socks attach toy eyes to them draw faces with the help of markers and taa-day! Your puppet is ready.

#33 Make soda

Make homemade soda by using lemons or other citric fruits or just use the artificially flavored juices and add soda to it.

#34 Play old school games

Funskool has always been making fun and exciting games for kids and even for adults. Play with them bring in a twister or guess who or Uno or even.

#35 Take pics

Click a few pics with the camera for the memories.

#36 Teach them science at home

Teach them science at home

Do fun DIY experiments with home-based material. Make a volcano with the help of baking soda, add few drops of red and orange color to make it look almost real.

#37 Watch craft videos

Watch learn along with them some of the crafty DIY items.

#38 Have a sports day at your place

Arrange a sports day where all of your little one’s friends are invited to have a great day. Arrange a few not so tough games for them. Be ready with a first aid kit as there might happen a few small injuries. And don’t forget to arrange snacks and juice for the kids.

#39 Do hula hoop

Teach the kids the trick of the hula hoop, start doing it by yourself and let them notice the procedure.

#40 Get them a disposable camera

Get a starter pack of their future interest, get them a disposable camera and let them see the world through the lenses. Let them take few pics by themselves and see what they admire.

#41 Blow few bubbles

Blow few bubbles

Make a homemade bubble mix. Go to your garden and make the biggest one as you can or want.

#42 Let them play drums

Turn upside down the buckets or any other home items which might seem like a drum get them the drumsticks and let them enjoy their time playing those beats.

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#43 Help the homeless

Teach your kids to respect those who are in need. Have them along when you make sandwiches and take them along when you distribute it to the needy roadside peoples.

#44 Sew soft toys

Grab a pair of socks and fill them up with cotton stuffing, or make a home doll and sew them. Add a few more attractive items to it, sew clothes for the doll, or a teddy bear.

#45 Google maps

Introduce them to the world of the internet through Google maps. Show them the neighborhood on the screen or take them on a trip of nearby jungle or lakeside.

#46 Make a treehouse

Make a tree house

If you have a big tree in your backyard help them build a treehouse or if not, just try to make their secret headquarters where they can plan their future gigs. Decorate it with curtains and lampshades.

#47 Make a secret language

Make your own secret language and speak it when someones around.

#48 Do Skype

Introduce them to Skype and FaceTime, make them feel a bit futuristic.

#49 Get them a coloring book

Get them a coloring book with animal figures and numbered colors.

#50 Shower your pet

Ask for their help while you give a bath to your pets.

#51 Race in garden

Race in garden

Race with your kids in the garden and let them win, boost their confidence.

#52 Run through sprinklers

Run through sprinklers or slide through them, but be sure to keep a plastic slide through on which you can get some liquid baby soap to make it easier to slide.

#53 Construct sundial

Make a DIY sundial, put it out on the porch, and let them discover science by themselves.

#54 Make goggles

Make goggles that will help them watch the eclipse.

#55 Read a poem

Readout loud the nursery rhymes or other poems along with them to make them understand the words at a young age.

#56 Teach Manners

Teach manners

Teach them table manners and how to greet people and other kids.

#57 Practice juggling

Do few juggling tricks which will surely get their attention and teach it to step by step.

#58 Teach them cartwheel

Teach them cartwheel or other body stretching exercises like somersaults and handstands.

#59 Start your garden

Start with your own vegetable garden, teach them to plant and plow the veggies and fruits.

#60 Origami

Learn origami tricks along with them.

#61 Sell lemonade

Sell lemonade

Get them a lemonade stall and have the lemonade sold out. Teach them the value of money and how to count it.

#62 Name the flowers

Go to a garden and have them learn the flower names.

#63 Write a letter to Santa

Be prepared for Christmas, write a letter to Santa and know what they would like to have for this Christmas.

#64 Take them for stargazing

Take the kids to stargaze when getting bored at night and learn the constellations.

#65 Search for a four-leaf clover

See if you find a four-leaf clover in the garden, it’s a time-consuming activity and will surely tire them to have a good sleep.

#66 Help them make a slogan

Help them make a slogan

Help them make a slogan for their own team.

#67 Teach them the scout song

Sit beside them and teach them the song that they sing in scout camps.

#68 Make a family tree

Merge family photos, show them the tree from grandparents to their cousins.


I hope these aforementioned fun activities have got you some ideas to perform on or carry out with kids when they say I’m bored.

A basic trick is to teach them things like names and numbers or even colors while playing. Also, try to make them do activities that would tire them and help them fall asleep quickly.

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