What to do when bored at class

63 Fun Things To Do When Bored In Class

If you are like us or everyone; a typical teenager who usually get fatigued sitting at boring lectures, then you someday absolutely have put efforts seeking ideas on, “What things to do when bored in class.” And guess what? Here, we have good news for you –

It is the usual day, the same usual lesson and the subject teacher is not even hot. You were trying to bunk this one, but somehow the teacher entered before you left. Now what?

You cannot concentrate, you are going sleepy, and the teacher has already got an eye on you, as you have scored not so well in his or her particular subject.

You have so much going on in your mind, an escape plan, some pranks or gags to have on your teacher, some food or coffee brewing up, or even plans to take over the world and end this everyday misery and slavery of classes and home assignments.

Well, we can help you, but not on taking over the world because we are not a right-winged terrorist group, but in fact, we can help you get over that boredom easily with the tools you have got around or in your hand.

Here is a shortlist that we have made during our boredom hours and our high school days.

Fun Things You Can Do When Bored In Class

#1 Throw things

Look around and see what light things have you got around and threw them to friends, while your teacher is unaware.

#2 Blow booger  

Blow booger through a straw on someone to prank on.

#3 Play dumb

Pretend that you have a serious question regarding the subject, raise your hand to gain the attraction of the teacher, and now just say that you forgot whatever you had in mind.

#4 Pass notes

If you want someone to join your crew to gag on the teacher, pass notes to include them.

#5 Bitching

Start bitching about someone you hate in your class.

#6 Disturb

Keep disturbing the class so you can be kicked out of the class. Shout and tell that you saw something unnatural like a UFO.

#7 Lookout of the window

Or just look outside the window and enjoy the scenery.

#8 Take naps 

Things To Do When Bored In Class

Believe me, sleeping in class is the best thing and the relaxation a bench can give you no bed can even dream of it.

#9 Tattoo yourself

Take a pen and make tattoos on your hand.

#10 Doodle

Start doodling in your textbooks; it is the best place to doodle as it has less space to experiment and it already has got few pictures on which you can try on improvising.

#11 Fart plan

Scream who farted or just let yourself relax and let that gas out, FART YOURSELF.

#12 Mimic

Mimic your teacher.

#13 Ask to go to a restroom

Ask to go to the restroom and come late after the class ends.

#14 Steal

Steal the marker or chalks from the blackboard so that the teacher either has to go out and you can escape, or you volunteer yourself to go out and don’t come back.

#15 Kick items

We are not asking you just to go nuts and start kicking whatever comes in your path and play Hulk, rather just kick off the items off the basket beneath some one’s chair, sitting in front of you.

#16 Try to pay attention

Pay attention when you bored at class

Well if you have tried everything and nothing is working just try to pay attention and concentrate from falling asleep.

#17 Imagine a relationship

Imagine a relationship with your crush from your class or just keep looking at her like a creep.

#18 Make a poster

Make posters for the upcoming elections in school.

#19 Band practice

Tell your teacher that you have the band practice coming up and you need to show up urgently.

#20 Listen to music

Put on earphones through your jackets into one of the ears and listen to music.

#21 Plan cheating

Plan on how to bring in the cheats or to hide the tricks for the upcoming exams.

#22 Throw paper balls

Throw paper balls at class when bored

Make paper balls and throw them into the dustbin.

#23 Eat

Hide under the table and eat bites in gaps.

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#24 Solve a puzzle

Solve a puzzle in your notebook.

#25 Play xoxo

Play xoxo in your notebook either with your friend or by yourself.

#26 False play the answer

Even though you know, the correct answers just fake them on purpose and try to make it funny.

#27 Disturb the teacher

Raising hand for water when bored in class

Ask the teacher for water every few minutes.

#28 Use your superpower

Try and work on your superpowers, such as psychic powers or releasing a web through your hand, or just try to move things by your mind.

#29 Throwball

Throw balls around the room to your friends.

#30 Plan class decoration

Look out for decorations needed in your class.

#31 Make funny noises

Make funny noises and let everyone laugh when the teacher beats the shit out of you.

#32 Beatbox

When the class is quiet, begin to beatbox and be the coolest guy in your room.

#33 Fly a plane

Imagine a war is happening and start imagining yourself as a pilot and as if you are flying a plane.

#34 Bang on the table

Either bang on the table or the inner side of the desk and put your head on the counter to hear the best out of it.

#35 Use slang

Purposefully use the slang language in front of the teacher or answer them in a gangsta way.

#36 Make a paper plane

Make paper planes and fly them across the classroom.

#37 Do origami

when bored make origami in class

Make fun things out of paper-like animals and birds.

#38 Make games out of paper

Make fun-filled origami games out of the usually ruled papers.

#39 Tap shoes

Tap your shoes and play a beat or just play the tapping game with both your legs and hands. Pretend as if you are playing drums.

#40 Seductive lick

Go on licking the stationary items from your stationery box in a seductive way.

#41 Eat your stationary

Bite through your pencils or pen that makes the teachers cringe and crawl so they can be kicked out.

#42 Play rock-paper-scissors

Play a few games like rock paper scissors or cricket by your hands with your friends sitting beside them.

#43 Read a book

Try to read a book or solve your assignment that has been pending for a long time.

#44 Scream NEXT

Scream in class

Scream “Next” really loud when the teacher enters the classroom.

#45 Draw

Draw or write things on your desk.

#46 Ask for a refund

Ask your teacher for a refund.

#47 Stare game

Instead of being human and staring into a girl’s eyes, stare onto an object anywhere randomly to annoy your teacher.

#48 Disturb the person next to you

Keep distracting the person sitting next to you ask him silly questions or just hum a song.

#49 Discuss a disturbance

Call out the teacher and tell him or her that you are getting disturbed for no reason at all.

#50 Chew Gum

Chew gum loudly during the lecture.

#51 Annoy your teacher

how to not be bored in class

When your teacher asks you to answer a question, ignore a few times then stand and walk out of the class. This one is recommended for that teacher who had purposefully made you sit for the summer class.

#52 Start a discussion

Stand up and start a debate on any random topic just to distract your class and the teacher.

#53 Study, your teacher

There is always a weak point everybody has got, after all even your teacher is a human being. So study his or her behavior and look for a soft spot or someone in the class who will be useful while annoying or pranking on the teacher.

#54 Do the pin trick

Grab a few safety pins and do the opposite of what they have named after. Pierce them inside your first layer of flesh on the fingers. Scare the shit out your teacher, by using few color drops, if you have it on you.

#55 Cat scam

Make sounds of a cat in a lower voice or make other animal sounds during the lecture and try to do it when the teacher has back on you.

#56 Hold a lightbulb

Ideas for Combatting Boredom in School

Hold a light bulb over your head if you feel like answering a question.

 #57 Invite for a fake party

Get up from your seat and start distributing blank pages saying it is an invite to the party, surely not at your place. And do remember to ask people that the blank page will tell you the party detail only when you will burn it. Isn’t it a cool idea to prank your friends? For getting more such creative ideas do click here.

#58 Play with your muscle 

Do the exercises and do the gym kind of workout during the class hour and in the class.

#59 Put a pillow on the desk

Put a pad on the desk and if someone asks to remove it, tell them the desk is too rigid and hard to sleep on.

#60 Ask your teacher

Ask your teacher if they believe in ghosts.

#61 Start a revolution

Scream out the chants from world war or old Viking wars. Pretend as if you are starting a revolution to change the system in the school.

#62 Pretend you are fishing

Even though you don’t have a fishing rod, just pretend to be fishing around in the class, throwing the hook toward people or students, and pulling them towards you. You can even try this on your teacher.


It may seem harmful at times but it is also fun. So whatever you do, listen to your evil mind or listen to your psych self hidden deep inside your heart just don’t harm anyone or yourself. Because high school or college days are like Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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