32 Things to Do When Get Freaking Bored on Internet

32 Things to Do When Get Freaking Bored on Internet

In today’s world living without the internet seems just like living in the Stone Age; in fact, for some people, it would become a scary nightmare if they have to go without the internet for a few days. Guys and girls posting selfies on Instagram and calling themselves an Instagram model-cum-influencer has reached its heights.

Beside funny cat videos, the internet leads us to a vast gallery of items and artifacts. It even helps us looking answers to many of our questions, being it of any level from a nursery rhyme to a big bang theory or even theories that a bare mind could not imagine.

On the internet having a truckload of creative things to do, sometimes it’s natural to get overwhelmed or confused seeking the stuff to do. If you often feel this way, you have got to the right webpage. Here in this article, we have mentioned a few things and activities that you can do on the internet when feeling stuck or running out of ideas.

#32 Things to do when bored on the Internet

#1 Google street view

Google street view

You can virtually visit any country just by sitting in one place with your smartphone or laptop on hand. You can have views of the streets and not just that you can even visit the plazas and any location of your choice. All you have to do is just put the address or the name of the street you are looking for and bam! It is right on your screen.

#2 Google earth

Google earth is almost like Google Street, but it gives you a view from above the locations. It has a few drawbacks as it is an old idea.

You can still have a view through it and can search for places globally. Just choose a random location, civilized or go for a jungle or a plane or even Antarctica. You still can’t see Area 51 though! And other government facilities. But yeah! You can surely come with your conspiracy theories.

#3 Learn about dimensions

It is now proven that dimensions exist, so why not go deep searching for it. Learn about the dimensions, see the limitations, and look out for your chances to visit one soon.

See if it has chances of life acceptance and if yes, have people already reached there and has started to start a culture already?

#4 Search yourself on Google

Search yourself on Google

It is more likely to show your Facebook profile when you search for yourself on Google, in fact, it even became a trend a few years back to search for yourself and show the results on Facebook and flaunt about it.

You see, that is how shitposting started. But besides this, it is even more likely to meet your other identity, being said this you can meet another person having the same name and who knows, you could become best buddies or something in the future or when you come in contact.

#5 Play Quizzes

If you are in a mood for some educational kind of fun go on and take the challenges, do a quiz and see how much you know about anything possible. Boost up your general knowledge, and even if not, you should definitely go for the cult quizzes that are made for the nerdy people and a perfect fan base.

Take a quiz on star wars or marvel or DC characters or on cars, search for it, and you will have hundreds of options to check yourself on.

#6 Stalk someone

Asking you to stalk someone does not mean to actually follow the person and scare them out or even to behave like a creep. In fact to stalk someone’s profile on either of the social media platforms, stalk someone on Facebook or Instagram that someone can even be your ex or a person you like, crush maybe.

#7 Take penny auctions

Try your luck at penny auctions; visit the sites like DealDash and QuiBids to win heavy items. Such websites or the penny auctions give you the chances of winning by putting in some less amount of money compared to the real sales and are more like a reality game show.

#8 Learn about the big bang

Just as I have mentioned about theories on dimensions, go on searching the worldwide accepted theory of Big Bang. Learn about how planet happened to form, learn about “singularity” how was it started what made life reach earth and many interesting things compare it to anything possible and come up with your own theory of something else with new proofs and studies.

#9 Create memes

I have already mentioned about shitposting, and it is fun. Make memes on the latest political issue happening in your country or worldwide. Troll the celebrities or compare your friends with porn stars. You can even do it for a cause, be it saving the forest or gathering the crowd for an underground music concert.

#10 Create beats

There are sites like Soundtrap where you can make your original beats and give yourself a chance to be creative and show off your talent, even if you don’t have one. It helps you compose songs on your own and sets it on its grid, on its own making it sound like you wanted or similar.

#11 youtube


Youtube has it all, from songs to movies trailer to scary pranks and real paranormal activities. Why don’t you just go on and learn a few kitchen tricks and recipes to impress your partner with or even better why don’t you take them out for a great trip by viewing the world’s best destinations? Look out for the traveling diaries channels, see for the perfect destinations to ask your partner to marry you.

#12 Become a YouTube celebrity

Become a YouTube celebrity, shoot your videos of gaming or few lessons maybe, teaching the best yet normal and day to day hacks on cooking or solving routine problems. You are good at Maths, great. Grab your camera, shoot the lesson, and hit the internet, get likes, become a celebrity. Easier said than done!

#13 Rank things

Remember you are the critics of everything that is being sold. Go to the online shopping store comment whatever you feel like, comment on their rates, on the use and possibilities of having it in your life. Rate them and let the buyers decide if it is helpful for them to have the specific item.

#14 Join a community

There are communities online for almost everything possible, be it LGBT community or writing community or a community of gamers. Join them and be aware of the events and happenings you are interested in.

If you are a blogger or journalist, you should be a part of such communities so that you can cover the most events and be stress-free. Communities usually even share photos and the detail of what happened at the event, so to get the best out of everything, one should be aware of and alert.

#15 Search for upcoming movies

Search for upcoming movies

You have IMDb, see the ratings, look out for forthcoming films. Add them to the watch list, watch their trailers. Plan your movie outings with your gang. See if you like the OST, download, or keep listing it on YouTube.

#16 Search for cult movies

If you haven’t started watching the cult movies yet, try them now because this is the time when they are being remade. Make a list of their trios and watch them one by one. See if they have some relevance in their new remakes or new movie in the series.

#17 Do the job of a critic

Talking about films, the critics are very much influential while choosing a movie. It tells you if it is worth to spend your hard-earned money on it, by sorting it into many different categories.

Critics usually tell about the synopsis of a movie and its effect on them. You could do the same; all you have to do is just watch a movie and review it for the remaining audience. Let them choose from your points to spend their time on a specific movie.

#18 Plan a trip

Go on searching the best destinations and plan a trip to the one that you admire the most. Call up your gang or plan one with your family. It is not to mention a thing that you can even hit the place alone and have a few moments by yourself in solitude.

#19 Read funny Amazon reviews

The Amazon reviews are the best thing to trip on. It has got comments from random people from around the world, trolling the product and trolling each other.

#20 Search for Bitcoin

Search for Bitcoin

Search for Bitcoin; search their rates in the market right now. If you feel like putting yourself into it, grab a few, until it is not banned in your country.

#21 Search rates in share market

See for yourself what are the current prices going with the shares and if it is the right time to buy a few more shares or to take out your involvement from it.

#22 Compare dollar to other currencies

Since we have been talking about the rate and things, why not compare the current prices of the dollar to the currency from your country or some of the other. You could compare to rupee or yen and see the differences for yourself.

#23 Order online food

Taste the delicious wraps and pasta from around your city. Order food online and taste the best sitting at home enjoying your movie.

#24 Learn a few recipes

Learn a few recipes

The Internet can make you an expert in almost anything in no time at all. Try on your luck with some home-based recipes, learn the toughest parts of a specific dish, and learn how to do it in the easiest way possible. Learn from expert chefs and be an expert chef yourself.

#25 Learn the DIY hacks

Learn the DIY hacks, learn to clean your bathroom with home-based hacks. Learn to wrap gifts attractively or learn to make photo frames.

#26 Create art

Go online and paint your imaginations. Create your own artwork on sites like Silk which help you to create your own creativity and bring it to life.

#27 Learn about your family in history

Learn about your family in history, go deep searching, visit the ancient sculptures your ancestors made. There is always some hidden figures or hidden family history that is being ignored by the new age generations.

#28 Make new friends

Sites like Omegle and Facebook and other social media platforms are meant to connect the world on a single screen. You can meet random people who are already doing the same. On Omegle meet a girl from overseas who has the same mentality as you do or connect with your long lost friend on Facebook. See if they have made it to where you both decide to go, ask them about the happenings going on in their life.

#29 Watch online series

Watch online series

It is called Netflix and chill for a reason, but just like Netflix, the internet has got many other platforms and channels which have got the best entertainment series to offer. Once you get in the trap of such channels, it has a higher chance of getting you stuck in it for a long time, or if you can complete a whole season in one night go for it.

#30 Watch online movie

Fmovies and many other sites are present on the internet to give you the best movies to watch them online, or they even allow you to download them.

#31 Play games

Play online games like Counter-Strike or PUBG. Connect with friends and kill the enemy.

#32 Search for hook up

Dating apps like Tinder or Bumblebee have a lot to offer. Search for just a hookup or even a perfect partner to date or spend your coming times with.

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