Fun Things To Do When Bored With Friends

Everything sucks, some of the time. But the good news is: Boredom is nothing but just a state of mind that you can effortlessly eliminate with executing the right activities. Even there are times when we are surrounded by our homies, but still, we find it arduous to come up with such ideas to help us pull off some fun.

Did you ever get into a situation where you asked your friends to get you some ideas for having fun, and they revert you with “I have no clue man, what plans do you have, though” reaction?

Well, now as they have come for you, plan out things, visit places where you can have fun or relax. This seems a bit tedious task to come up with such astonishing plans. So, if you are on the same boat struggling to kick off your boredom, below we have curated you a list of 58 fun things to do when bored with friends.

58 Things You Can Do With Your Friends When Got Bored

Those hectic schedules of work, long working days, or enough with those library hours there is still an extra class left at the college of such subject whose lecturer is already pissed on you.

So much of pain right through your nerve, you need to go a chilling session with someone who can understand you even if you are sitting quite. A companion is not lesser than a massage, that one friend who can show up or at least accept you when you are tired of things in your life.

If you are looking for the right kind of activities to help you turn around, the below section is going to aid you with the same.

#1 Clubbing

What to do when bored

Plan a boozing session and go out to the clubs in the city, get yourself shot in the head and score. Try out your favorite cocktails from the bar or customize one of your own.

#2 Shopping

Your friend might have lost some weight, or you might be in need of a couple of new pairs of jeans. Hit the mall, go window shopping and buy that suit or get over your anxious wait for that Denim jacket that you had your eye on for a long time.

#3 Share thoughts

Sit under the shadow of a tree, share your future plans over a cup of coffee. You always need a few suggestions on your programs, either of studies or starting a new business.

#4 Pool party

what to do when your bored at home alone

Get yourself a chilling scene; grab some soda cans and snacks and dip yourself in the swimming pool with your friends. If you already have a pool at your place go and dive in! If not I would suggest buying those inflatable pools for future gigs. Well, for now, we have more things planned for you, or else just search for an already happening party.

#5 Bowling

If you haven’t tried it yet go ASAP, don’t miss such things. This is one of the things to do before you die.

#6 Make lists

Make a list of “Things to do before you die” with the help of your friends. Plan on your trips together. Search out for the best places to visit, the best adventure sports to go for.

#7 Long drive

Go on a long ride, get started with your bike, run it through the highways, or grab your car keys and visit a nearby countryside. Smell the rage of that engine and burn your tires as much you want.

#8 Drive-in

Fun Things To Do When You Are Bored

Search for a drive-in movie location. Grab a few snacks on your way and enjoy what you missed during the world premiere. There are always some movies to watch on a big screen.

#9 Visit exotic zoo

Look out for an exotic farm of animals. Play with those iguanas, get over your fear of snakes, and pet them. Do something freaky.

#10 Visit cat/dog cafe

People have been coming up with something innovative, and now they are up with cat or dog cafes where you can pet cats and dogs.

#11 Plan a small party

Plan a small party at your place. Just cook delightful crispy snacks, bake a few cupcakes, and get some wine. Play a few tracks on your music player and get yourself grooving through it.

#12 Plan an action sequence

Who is not a fan of action and superhero movies nowadays, plan your own superhero costume for the upcoming comic-con, plan your superhero action sequences. Discus on how it will look in an actual movie.

#13 Retro club

Visit those roadside cafes that you saw in movies. Try simple things such as pancakes with cream and honey. Enjoy the soothing music playing inside.

#14 Test rides

Go on for a test ride for the newly launched bike or car. Decide whether to buy or not to, with your friends. Get some tips; see if they have some valid points supporting their pros and cons.

#15 Go to the bookstore

Things to Do When You're Bored and Completely Alone

Visit the bookstore, grab some of your favorite novels or comics order snacks or coffee, and sit with your friend and discuss. Or the presence itself is enough.

#16 Go for a massage

Plan out a massage together. Go for those Chinese massage centers. See if you get a chick who’s gonna massage your back or guy backing up the babe in your session.

#17 Gossip

Bitching always relaxes you, bitch about your colleagues, bitch about your boss, bitch about the guy or girl who has not forgotten you after a one night stand.

#18 Search for some latest movies in the theaters

Movie theaters have always got something upcoming, hot, and latest. Enjoy the romantic breeze or a warm sweat behind your back while watching a horror movie.

#19 Vodka pool

Buy lots of vodkas, buy fruits to back it up go on mixing it and try on the newly customized cocktails. The best plan, block your bathtub mix all the flavors of vodka in it, have few pieces cut off those citric fruits and throw them along with yourself into the pool of vodka.

#20 Dining

Easy Ways to Have Fun when You're Bored at Home

Visit the newly opened hotel, which has a trend of its own and has been in talks around the working space. Try the best seafood they have got, try their unique dishes.

#21 Long walk

Go for a long walk, explain yourself, explain your problems, and see if they have a solution on it or just support ready like a sidekick.

#22 Go fishing

Go on fishing, catch some of the salmons and treat yourself through the grills or just a bonfire. Marinate those salmons and enjoy the evening.

#23 Go for a concert

Hit the dark grounds enjoy the lights; enjoy the energetic vibes of music. Go to a rock concert happening in your city. Buy yourself tickets on time, support local music and artists.

#24 Jam

Bring on your guitar, bring on the other instruments a pair of drums maybe and jam those age-old songs that you had in your mind running all the time.

#25 Plan a facial

Go on to the beauty parlor, go on trying new hairstyles and get a few minutes of relaxations and some of those facial massages.

#26 Craft

Most Creative Things to Do When You're Bored

Do some crafty things, DIY projects are available in numbers on the internet. Take a few tips from it, paint, or make a rug.

#27 Go to an open mic

Try yourself along with your gang for a comedy show, get yourself involved in an open mic session. Open yourself up and share your thoughts explain your struggle in a sarcastic way to everyone sitting there.

#28 Karaoke

Let them dance on your beats. Not exactly beats but yeah how about you sing and let your friends dance and try new steps with your grooves.

#29 Cook

Cook together, let their ideas merge yours, come up with something unmatched yet. You bake they roast, you booze up they fry. Try your kitchen, challenge their abilities and skills of cooking.

#30 Paint

Your house has been in the same color for a long time, well now you have got few people to help over. Decide the color ask for suggestions and let them paint your wall while you paint the other one.

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#31 Go stargazing

Go for a camping trip to the nearby forest area. Stargaze throughout your night. Try to count the stars which are infinite.

#32 Amusement park

As the name suggests, let that amuse you and your partner in crime. Bring out those old school memories that you did in your school time. Taste the candy floss together or visit the haunted house at the corner.

#33 Flea market

Visit the ongoing flea market in your city. Check out some of the crafty things made by the local artists. Pay for what you want, pay for those handmade paintings or crafty candles and pots.

#34 Puzzle yourself

What To Do When You're Bored

Play puzzles or ludo or any of the board games challenge each other through the board of scrabble.

#35 Match-up, catch-up, patch-up

Introduce your friend to your colleague, they were continuously asking about and had a crush on for a while.

#36 Tarots

See your future, go through that mystical adventure of tarot cards on each other. Prank them by scaring them about their future.

#37 Watch funny videos

Go on YoutTube and search for funny videos, pranks, and gags happening around the world. The ghost and clown pranks are the best to go through and laugh on people’s reactions when they are scared.

#38 Wine dines

How to Have Fun When You're Bored

Go on a wine tasting adventure. Visit your nearby winery, taste the exotic and fresh forms of wine directly poured into your glass having wooden tastes.

#39 Pull on some pranks

Make your own video and put it on YouTube. If your friends are into gags pull a few on them, record it and either put it on the internet or keep it to yourself.

#40 Try funny outfits

Try out a few of the ridiculous costumes. Try being that silly aunty that is an age-old hipster.

#41 Be cult

Watch a cult classic movie at either of your places.

#42 Visit museum

Go to a museum to learn the history and learn the art and culture through the depths.

#43 Support a cause

Go on volunteering for a cause with your gang. Support those who have been struggling for a while to come and get acceptance in the society.

#44 Plan for a festival

Book your tickets for the upcoming celebrations. Plan out the dresses to wear and be prepared for the forthcoming adventures.

#45 Play bond

Play a few mind games with your friends, leave a few clues, and try to search for some items in the house.

#46 Ice cream sandwich

Things You Can Do At Night When You're Bored

Bring your favorite flavors of ice cream and make a sundae out of it or try a few of the ice cream sandwiches.

#47 Try out funny popsicles

Make your differently flavored popsicles. Have them shaped funny have them flavored funny.

#48 Online shop

Visit online stores, decide the dresses, pick out your best colors, buy something, or make them buy a few clothing. Not necessary to stick to clothes lookout for the latest gadgets.

#49 Visit a toy store

No one is ever too old to buy some toys for themselves. Realize your inner kid is still alive and buy yourself a few toys. Not interested? Buy for their nephew or niece.

#50 Rock climbing

The malls have it, and they charge for it. Go for rock climbing in those malls with your gang. Try yourself with those colored rocks and prepare yourself and your group for an actual adventure of rock climbing.

#51 Create a summer bucket list

Be prepared and create a summer bucket list. Be it to earn some money or be it a camping plan. Make a list of everything you missed last summer and everything you have been waiting for.

#52 Hairstylists

There are hidden talents in your friends. Let them experiment with your hair, try new hairstyles, try some of those from the age-old movies, or the latest trend.

#53 Watch series

Start with a new series or just hit those repeated episodes you used to watch when you were roommates. Bring back the old memories and see if any long-lost talks come up.

#54 Plan a double or group date

This time plan for a group date, bring on your relationships to the tests. Introduce your love of life to your other side of life.

#55 Spread positivity

Things to Do When You're Bored or Broke

Go on tying balloons with positive messages throughout your area or city. Or just go on pasting positive thoughts on colored paper through the hotels and alleys. Try for the places where you have been noticing much harsher times.

#56 Make a gingerbread

Have a contest on who’s got the best skills to produce or bake the best gingerbread. Challenge them and challenge yourself to come out with the best ones.

#57 Have a theme party

Come up with random themes and decide for a theme party at your place. It is not necessary to have Halloween or Christmas or either of the festivals to throw a party. Play pirates or cartoon themed party games.

#58 Play a few challenges

Challenge your gang on games; there are a number of challenges available like pickle challenge. Challenge them on emptying the jar of pickles, see who gulps it first.

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