97 Interesting Things To Do When Bored

All of us experience boredom invariably, you have tried when Bored to figure out what to do when bored. But the answers always seem elusive. Boredom has nothing to do with being lazy. On the contrary, most active people fall prey to apathy as they are unable to find something compelling to do.

Whatever comes to your mind seems to be dull and boring. What if we told you about the things to do when bored, and we are serious. It is all about putting the mind over matter, as you have unlimited choices in the world around you that you can explore.

Even before you start looking for the things you can do when bored, brace yourself to combat the boredom in the first place. For this, identify the root cause of your boredom. You should be ready with the options as soon as you feel boredom is kicking in. At the present day, we have become accustomed to remaining active; therefore inactivity even for a few minutes makes you feel bored.

But not worry about, here in this article we have covered so many stuff’s you can go after when bored. So without any further ado, let’s get into the giant list that will be going to help you kick off your boredom.

97 Exciting Things To Do When You’re Bored

Being stuck at home is usually an unusual thing to happen with one, but it is although a frustrating incident. It could be raining heavily outside leaving you alone at home when your roommates are gone for a vacation; you might be shifted to a new city and yet to start with the daily routine.

Well, for moms who are homemakers it’s a regular thing, and they seem to tackle their boredom easily, but still, the everyday hopping could start to eat them up.

There is no secret recipe or a magical spell used by moms behind being inside the prison-like usual colored walls for FOREVER, what they do is a simple brain trick which is not at all hypnotizing yourself. They just keep themselves busy, yes that’s it! Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well, as considering age groups our interests differ on a substantial scale. If not even talking about the age, the interest varies from person to person and from gender to gender, which is now in a vast category. These listed tasks could also help you improve your daily habits and put you in a new position to look out for things. Furthermore, doing creative things when bored aid you to hone your skills in different areas.

This age traps you into a whole new mindset and could also start describing your thinking as a person and affect your personality as a whole. People also seem to describe teenagers as different species as they lack thinking capabilities to their adults. So, here are some of the tasks that will help you keep charged when you are stuck and bored.

#1 Gameplay

Stuff to do when bored

Gaming is the most favorite hyped activity that will let your boredom let go in no time, and makes you forget to eat and poop.

These habits are much preferable by teens but come with a “caution board.” Gaming could also make you socially inactive, so the one-time decision “when you are bored” could put you in a perfect life where you deliberately want to be stuck.

It is fun because it is available for everyone’s interest; you like shooting, you can go for games like call of duty, visit the history through the visuals of assassins creed, race through the streets without getting caught in the act.

If you are more into arcade games, go on Play Store or Apple Store for some mind relaxing puzzles, or you can even come up with your ideas and make text-based games or make a flash game.

#2 Dance

Lose yourself a bit, play your favorite song on which you were tapping your shoes during work hours or in the metro and start grooving on. Try new moves; this is also gonna help you in losing those tighten muscles.

#3 Writing

Writing stuff like songs or stories can anytime improve your thinking and other skills. Well, it is also said that if you want to skip time try reading or writing.

This activity will surely indulge you in a creative world, and you would not even know how the time went by. Just sit somewhere comfortably and express your feelings, that’s how writing works.

#3 DIY facial

Things to do when bored

This is something crazy you can try; home-based facial. Merge the things you have at home, watch for some facial videos that need no effort.

#4 Fire escape

You might be new to an apartment, go on and look for the route to escape if there is a fire. A couple of times taking that route might even train your brain to try some of the action sequences from a movie during an actual fire escape.

#5 Visit to the library

Go to the library and hit your favorite genre section. Or read the novels, learn about the age trend of your town see how the town had its importance build up step by step.

#6 Paint

Just as it is with writing, embracing your imagination, the same goes for painting. Sometimes you don’t even need papers to try yourself, just go for a wall. Use colors that attract you the most.

Also, you don’t have to be an expert to express yourself, start with something small, and see where it takes you, just push it, push yourself. Try new methods of painting, its not just a brush and a wet color.

Try going for ancient paintings which are done by leaves or by the hand imprints. There are Maori, Varli, and other tribal paintings that are much authentic and exotic, discover new forms merge them. You get a lot of inventions with every new discovery.

#7 YouTube

The Internet has really changed and connected the world, and YouTube is the best place to see it happening. Watch videos depending on your mood, the most preferable pass time chosen by the teens are “funny cat videos.” Even though when you are with your friends getting bored, you all can binge on YouTube for having some fun.

Check out upcoming movies, trailers, news, learn something, recipes, learn magical tricks, or how to decode them. It is the easiest, most entertainment filled and the cheapest mean to avoid boredom.

#8 Cook

YouTube taught you how to do it, it is time that you practice it and makes it happen. Cooking seems to be a healthy and exciting way to refresh your long day.

And it is also an exit that you can’t wait for, the smell and excitement will keep you stick to the ground and make you more eager to taste it. It is again a long process to go through, but the result is undoubtedly worth a wait.

#9 Research

Use your internet to go beyond what was there till now, or just complete your homework. You see, being stuck at home is an excellent opportunity to get done with unfinished tasks.

You might be having some unresolved mysteries going on in your mind be it about the KKK or the pentagram and of course our world has something called the Bermuda triangle. Go on deep search but try to avoid the deep web.

#10 Decorate your home

These topics might sound like I am targeting adults, but some of the other day you need to take upcharge. Cleaning your house, setting up the wardrobe are simple things and which will help you to stay in and get a comfortable atmosphere.

#11 Prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse

Not just zombie apocalypse, but yes there are high chances of facing a tremendous natural calamity for which you need to be prepared with whole lots of things.

There are safety machines available online to buy such as a bed that can save you from a heavy magnitude earthquake. Go on a search for it and prepare yourself before the eleventh hour.

#12 Necktie

Here are the things to do when bored

Did you have ever tried making tie rolls when getting bored in class?

Tying a necktie is a usual hectic task that is ignored by most of the students. Well, it is going to be needed some or the other day and in a situation where you would not have anyone to help you with. To better prepare yourself and learn to tie it by yourself and on your own.

#13 Bubble bath

Relax and take a nap in the bathtub. Soften the water by adding more soap to it, light up the candles, play your favorable music, and dip yourself into pleasant dreams.

#14 Dating App

Make an account on a social dating app and help yourself with a match. Who knows they might turn into the perfect one and be there for you for your whole life.

#15 Sport

Go on trying yourself with any sport, see if you still have the old moves. Try volleyball or playing football. The simplest way to play a sort tries playing the age-old basketball moves like dribbling and much more.

#16 Cafe

Go to the nearest coffee shop read a book there with some hot coffee. Enjoy the cafe smell of roasted coffee beans.

#17 Resume

Prepare yourself or update your already tight resume. Revising the resume in between is important. You might have done something smaller but which could be important in showing off your skill to the company.

#18 Visit museum

This is yet another of the best thing to do when bored. If you haven’t already gone on history and art & culture tour, read out the struggle our ancestors made to free the nations from dictators. Count many bones the dinosaurs had.

#19 Erotic

Go on the internet search for something sexy and romantic. Read some erotic stories, visit sites Reddit and more, learn about BDSM.

#20 Pet shelter

Look out for some dog and cat shelter and see if some animals need your help. Go on adopt a few of them, its always better to have pets; they teach you responsibility in a fun way. Also, you get the pure taste of love and affection.

#21 Yoga

Practice yoga for a while. Take deep breathes and relax your heart rate, absorb the sun rays, absorb the vitamins through it.

#22 Let go a few apps

Organize a few apps on your phone, or just let them go off. There are plenty of apps that are not in use and are taking too much of your ram. Sort these apps off and enjoy your smooth use of the phone.

#23 Watch sports

Get the details out for the NBA matches or just watch the recap of the live match that you missed last time, about which everyone is talking about.

#24 Paint nails

You might be in need of a new look and one day off from your daily routine to tame yourself up. Give yourself a new look on this day off. Hairstyle maybe? Remove the older dust.

#25 It is Halloween


Remember the party where you got jealous because of the other girl looking fabulous in the Dracula costume. Prepare yourself for a better competition be the more villainous self. Choose a better outfit this time, in which you look scary yet sexy!

#26 Side gigs

Plan something out of which you can earn some more money, find a side gig. Plan out things that are less time consuming but can earn you a handful of revenue. Seeking for some side hustle, isn’t it the best yet potential things to do when you are bored?

#27 Write reviews

Besides blogs, this is the best way to work for a cause. Write your views on a specific act or issue going on in your country or on a significant scale in the world.

#28 Do gym at home

You can anytime start with fitness care, start with pull up and push-ups. Do a few sets with gaps in between. This will help you to be fresh and also make you tired enough to take a nap.

#29 Do laundry

It may be sooner before the weekend, but you still have a couple of clothes to clean. Do it now so that manageable at the weekend who knows an urgency might come up anytime.

#30 Brain tricks

Play a few brain games to solve mysteries on your phones and strengthen your brain.

#31 Organize

Go on organizing whatever’s left behind. There is always space to clean, and there is always a bookshelf to be organized. And while organizing, take a few tips for your own novel or blog.

#32 Unsubscribe

All those unwanted e-mails which keep you irritating in between drafting or surfing, unsubscribe them. Make every minute count even when you are bored and seeking for the ways to kick it off.

#33 Photoshop

Learn Photoshop or if you already know add surrealism to your clicked photos or download regular pics on which you can craft your imagination on. I would suggest making movie posters yourself.

#34 Write your grandparent

They are surely missing you, it is not always possible to visit them, but you can surely write them a letter. Put along some of your photographs and put a smile on their face.

#35 Bills

Check your bills pending and sort them up with your finances.

#36 Candy march

Go in deep search of the candies. The market always brings out something new for the tongue. Rum flavored candy or new spicy paprika flavored candy try them all.

#37 Plan up things 

Cut out pictures from a magazine and put them on the pinboard, plan your future accordingly. Plan after education life, choose a college for higher studies, or a job for better earning.

#38 Emoji

Play with emoji when bored

There are plenty of apps online to help you make your cartoon self. Hand draw your emoji and put it online. You might also get a request to make other peoples emoji with which you can start earning.

#39 Practice

Practice something that is important and improves your quality of work. Yes, you are feeling down and want to have some fun, but despite, don’t go for any random things to do when bored, think of what worth your time, and do it.

#40 Tedx

Learn and tighten your dreams by watching the struggle stories of successful peoples from somewhere around your city. See the life and plans they made while their way up to success. Listening to these talks will further help you in personal development along with fulfilling your purpose of looking for cool things to do when you are bored.

#41 Instagram

Start your own page on Instagram or make more followers by following others or post on your already existing page.

#42 Army language

Movies must enthusiast you with those cool code names used by the soldiers during some intense fight sequences. Those are called NATO phonetics, Learn them letter by letter and some of those with some of your own.

#43 Google

When you are bored, hit on Google and search for baby animal photos or recollect your memories by searching for old cartoon pictures you used to watch.

#44 Recall videos

Put a smile on your face recalling your past relationships, watch those cute videos you made with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, contact them if needed.

#45 Decide a makeover

Read fashion related blogs or magazines and update yourself with the latest trend grooving around. Search for the trend in depth so that you don’t miss a thing on your next night out and increase your chances to score.

#46 Clean those clean you

Clean your brushes, combs, or even your make up brushes. Boil water and dunk them into it for a while. You can even add a few drops of soap in it and rinse your brush. These things seem to be clean but are the dirtiest places in your house.

#47 Private Pinterest

Start your private Pinterest page and start collecting the images you would like to experiment with. It can be either for your future planned restaurant or your dream wedding.

#48 Photo recap

You surely miss your family sometimes. Go through old photos and visit your nostalgia. Remember your family reunion and remember the gang of cousins. There is a lot to talk about and to recall over photos.

#49 Clean those sheets

Dip the sheets in a cup of vinegar and deep clean them, and this will also soften them to a limit. Have goodnight sleep inside these calming and warm sheets.

#50 Tattoo

Make you a tattoo when bored

Plan out your design for a tattoo or if have already go and ink yourself. Or just try editing it in your own way.

#51 Donate

Donate your unwanted stuff to a charity and help those in need. What else you think could be the best things to do when bored, that helps you become a man of moral values?

#52 Visit a nearby garden

Visit a garden in your neighborhood, detail down the smell of the wet soil, and petal from yet another rose garden. Go on that bridge that you would like to have your first romantic kiss on.

#53 News time

There might have been some incidents that can affect you directly or indirectly. Read the recent news or just sit in front of your idiot box and watch the news, this could help you prepare for “zombie apocalypse” or even warn your relatives.

#54 Make your own rug

The internet is filled with so many hacks to produce heavy things in an easy way. Learn to make a rug.

Suggesting more mature content, I would like to move to Adulthood activities. Which can be enjoyed even by the teens, it is not just for moms, but as I said interest differ from person to person

#55 Instagram page for your pet

If you have a pet at your home, then head over to Instagram and make your pup a page posting photos and videos.

#56 Make a collage

Adults have got a family to maintain, be it the love of mothers or the responsibility of a husband to remember the anniversary date of their marriage this trick can easily melt many hearts.

Make a Collage or a family tree, remembering all your memories from the last trip that happened more than a year back or just the sweet small vacation or visit to the nearest countryside. This will undoubtedly improve your creativity and win many people or resolve the small fights that you had been going through.

#57 Bath your pets

Wash them before it’s too late and they start to smell ugly. You might have bathed them last Sunday, but they are just another kid in the house that needs to be looked after and have given a visit to the nearby pond.

#58 Time capsule

Make your arrangement to recall nostalgia after a couple of decades. Set up a time capsule add that’s important to you in it and bury it in your backyard.

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#59 Bicycle

Your kids might have a bicycle, and it has been a while since you have ridden one. Give yourself a trip through your neighborhood try cycling and rejoice with the old nostalgic memories. It will even help you lose some calories in no time.

#60 Emergency

Stock back yourself that you will be needed in an emergency, set aside the emergency contacts safely, bring together a couple of water bottles.

#61 Children, yes or no

Now that you are married make a list of pros and cons to having children. Do it before you regret it. At some point, your partner is gonna ask to have a few, be prepared.

#62 Knitting

As I said activities in this section are not just for moms and adults, while knitting seems to be a job for grannies, you can also try yourself with creativity.

Make yourself a Christmas pillow or blanket or a scarf or make your loved ones a sweater. Try different shades and experiment in contrast. It is not necessary to have a lovely design on it to make some abstract art or heavy design.

#63 Soap opera 

Catch your favorite soap opera that you missed during the hectic schedule or start with the one that is in talks.

#64 Revise

Knowledge is anytime gonna help you out so why not revise your high school theories or books for once. Some equations can help you solve your few newly visited problems.

#65 Start your own origami

Learn and start with the origami art and impress your gang next time or just start a YouTube channel with it.

#66 Online shop

Visiting the supermarket might have recalled few needs, or it must have given a few more ideas to decorate your home, but the exact accessories you were looking for weren’t available. Go for online shopping and spend some, while the super sale is going live.

#67 Cocktail

Try some of the creativity with beverages; come up with new tastes and flavors. Be prepared for your next gathering or office party to impress your boss.

#68 Dye your sheets and pillow covers

Buy a pack of fabric paint and dye your old colored out bed sheets and pillow covers.

#69 Family meet

Plan a family reunion. You haven’t done this for an extended period of time, plan a tour nearby with your relatives and loved ones. Plan the Barbeque party.

#70 Get yourself stored

Go out and visit the supermarket. Buy things that are needed for the remaining month or what has not been at your home for a long time. Store yourself with proper ration. This is another fun way to hop through time, a visit to a supermarket may introduce you to a new flavor of room fresheners or just another paprika.

It might also recall your fit bit habits with which you can start a day after. And of course, your house always needs some experiments, buy decorative items so you can also start with the interior planning.

#71 Crossword

Sit down and solve the puzzles the newspaper has already got you enough, you don’t need to buy another set for it.

#72 Podcast

Download or just go online and start with the attest trend of podcasts. Visit your favorite celebrity in dept with so and so person questioning him or her, learn about their secret life learn about their secret crush or the person they are already dating.

#73 Read

What to do when bored at home?

Just as above mentioned writing tasks, this activity is not that different. To improve the writing skills you need to keep reading. Read novels or comics; my favorite part is reading autobiographies. When you are feeling bored at night, do try this and soon you’ll find yourself lost in those interesting stories.

Reading comics can also improve your artworks and painting. Reading helps keep your mind attentive, and it also helps you have sweet dreams.

#74 Foot massage

Learn to give a foot massage and before anyone else try it on yourself. Relax while learning this task. You have been running and chasing things a lot lately, you don’t feel it, but your legs really need a day off.

#75 Finances

Check your savings up till now, check accounts that you have been managing. And plan on spending from it or saving more in it.

#76 Plan housing

Are you looking or preparing for a new house? Do visit sites and learn about favorable conditions to build a house in or to shift yourself in. Search for some places to buy property choose if you want a flat or a bungalow.

#77 Review signature dishes

You must have planned a perfect family outing in the coming days, why not visit yourself before you risk it with the entire family. Go online and read the review of the signature dishes or the service they provide.

#78 Make videos

There is a lot of happening in your life as a whole and people need to know and take some experience out of small or lesser things. I mean, if “keeping up with the Kardashians” can sell why can’t your story.

Also, it is not at all about just letting people know your story, teach them to cook or make your own YouTube art and craft related channel. Make something to pass your time and for an audience worth a watch.

#79 Go gardening

The plantation is always the best way to help yourself relaxing and help to develop a healthy environment for your surroundings. Try to bring in more plants and beautify your garden; planting saplings also creates a fresh atmosphere.

#80 Meditate

Relaxing your body is always needed, but it is much more important to relax your mind. Keep yourself calm put on some incense sticks and try to meditate.

#81 Visit crime mapping

It is important to be safe in your neighborhood. Track the latest crime scene happing nearby and prepare yourself to keep you and your family safe.

#82 Recycle your candles

Separate out the ones that can be used for few rounds. Check out the wax proportion in each candle and see if you can merge them for better use. Melt the wax in a candle jar that has a lesser amount and mixes it with the one having much in proportion.

#83 Learn about gadgets

Researching the latest gadgets is one of the fun things to do when you are bored with your daily schedule. Update yourself with technology and add the tech you need for yourself or for your home for safety or mobile use.

#84 Do your hair

Its been a long after the college days, your girl is growing up but why let that kill your own trendy looks. Experiment with your hair.

#85 Decor

You have been continuously buying items for your home now, but they are still under the dust. Bring them to light and put them on the dining table or wherever they are needed.

#86 Doodle

Make something abstract or surreal merge your imagination draw on your improper dreams. Bring out new designs new logos for a local band.

#87 Watch trilogy

This era is filled with trilogies or epic storylines, spy on the Easter eggs you missed last time you saw a movie

#88 FaceTime

Some relatives have not been in contact for a long time. FaceTime them and start gossiping about your creepy uncle. They might have made an important decision that would need a suggestion.

#89 Clean your refrigerator

Cleaning refrigerator when bored at home

There are high chances to have an expired item in your refrigerator. Take out such things before they start to smell and spread their odor in other things. Organize your fridge, decide the floors, or just fill the ice trays. Who knows you might come up with some beverage party.

#90 Declutter

See if your kitchen needs to be clean. There are small places with dark and sticky patches all over in the corner. Such things attract insects a lot and need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

#91 Volunteer

Search places to volunteer and give a helping hand to those in need.

#92 Pack a care package

There are your niece and nephew in college or school who need your love. Send them a care package, with chocolates, love-filled lines, send a magazine or gift cards.

#93 Go on a walk

Go on a walk and look out for a perfect view. Admire the nature that you have been ignoring for long because of your busy schedule.

#94 Photography

Interesting things to do when bored

While on a walk or even at home you can start clicking photos and make an album of yours. Click the sun rays reflecting from your window or the shades through the glasses.

#95 Clean windows

Windows are usually avoided while cleaning processes and these are also the most dusted parts. Also, this dust and rust are visible clearly which degrades your decoration at home. You have plenty of time now; clean them before the rust goes far enough to the next borders.

#96 Garage sale

Not exactly a garage sale but unwanted items are taking too much space at your home. Bring them out from the attic and go to the nearby thrift shop to sell them.

#97 Make yourself a hot chocolate

Enjoy that few hours you have got yourself before the kids come in. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate enjoy it with planning something out in your routine.


All of the above tasks and activities are not very mainstream; there are few habits that I have ignored purposefully describing such as listing music, watching movies, or fixing home equipment. Yet you can discover much more of the options while working on the above ones. You see, there is no bad thing about a day trapped in the home and seeking for the things to do when bored.

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